The Most Important Technologies For Web Development

The technologies for web development keep changing and phasing out; new ones come in all the time while most of the old ones become obsolete. Even so, there are still some web technologies that are still popular. Though you need to be aware of the latest trends, there are still some old ones that are still running successfully and are quite popular among developers:

Server Side Technologies

PHP programming is a server script language that acts as an important tool in creating dynamic web pages. PHP can be embedded directly, and has the capacity to work well with HTML code. PHP is widely used because it is a cost-effective solution as many of the associated softwares are free. It is also the popular choice among both small and large businesses because it can create websites depending on the requirements of each industry, be it blog sites, e-business websites, community websites and huge e-business commerce sites with shopping carts. Web development with PHP is easy, thanks to its concise language format and its ability to access important tools like Google Maps. Not all tools allow for that. The feather in the cap for PHP is that it has an in-built security feature that protects it from any malicious attacks.

ASP.NET or Active Server Pages .NET, developed by Microsoft is an important tool for creating websites, and hence forms an integral part of .NET framework. As it is also a server side technology, you can use it to make powerful technologies and websites. If you want a technology that would help you update and modify your webpage regularly and automatically, ASP.NET would be ideal. Major e-commerce websites like and use ASP.NET because the developer can execute the source code on the server itself.

Python is also a server side web development tool, but it is not used in the web browser. Many developers who use this development tool, use it as a combination with Javascript. While Python is suitable for server side, Javascript can be downloaded to whichever web browser client you are using and executed there.

Ruby is open source, freely available on the web and is completely an object oriented programming language founded in 1993. It works like other server side programs like Python, Perl and Smalltalk. Developers use Ruby to write Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts and since it is clean, simple and easy to use, it is hugely popular. Ruby is scalable and can be used for both Internet and Intranet applications.

Client Side Web Development Tools

Some people may think that HTML is a thing of the past, but is it really so? Definitely not, because it is still is a very important client side web technology. Thus, HTML needs no particular introduction, and web developers constantly use it with CSS or Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript to create dynamic web pages and to format the webpages in every way they want. The freedom with HTML makes it a constantly demanded tool for small to growing businesses because it is easy to use, is search-engine friendly has the support of many browsers, and most important of all, HTML is free.  Development tools like FrontPage and DreamWeaver support HTML.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are extremely popular because they allow for quick page loading and contains different layouts, styles, colors and fonts when webpages are created. Why developers choose to go for CSS is that it is very easy to change the design and layout of the website, making it flexible in the long run. The only disadvantage with CSS is that it works in different ways in different browsers.

AJAX, or asynchronous JavaScript and XML is used by private organizations that want to create their own web applications for their own purpose. The main reason why AJAX is used is because it is stable and hence, instances of crashes are very minimal. Webpages created through AJAX is quick to load and reload because there is fast buffering of data. AJAX although is an open source application developer software, also allows for secure transactions between client and server.

AngularJS is also one of the most preferred tool for website application because it is easy to adopt and not at all time consuming like some new technologies. Another attractive feature of AngularJS is that it is embedded with a lot of features, but requires only less code to get the work done; this makes it less stressful for the developer.

Database Technologies

Some developers still vouch by MySQL because it is easy to install and even easier to use. You can add several third party tools to the tool and if you have any doubts on their functioning, you can get in touch with the huge community of supporters who are ready to help out each other. Even after Oracle purchased MySQL, it is still open source, and though the code is free, depending on your usage and requirement, you will have to pay.

Microsoft SQL Server is also popular among developers because it is fast and affordable. Another noticeable fact is that you can make use of the “n” number of resources from the web, making it one of the easiest web development tools around. As it is integrated with Windows Server security settings, you can install it quickly on the existing server. It is a secure database platform that will give you practically no trouble. Also Microsoft SQL Server has the record of having the least number of vulnerabilities as it is constantly secured.

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