Mobile App Development in India: these are the advantages

Even today mobile apps are in great demand. Be it from B2B (company clients) or B2C (end customers). Therefore, it makes sense to build applications for them. One way is to use programmers from India. More in this article.


Since the introduction of smartphones by Apple founder Steve Jobs, the demand has increased manifold.

In the beginning it was just a few freaks who would use these strange devices. Now even grandparents and fathers and mothers are using mobile phones.

Not only that, it is also used to make purchases in online shops or to order groceries.

It has become an access point for companies to reach their clients.

Building a mobile app has become of utmost importance.

App development in India could be one solution for building reliable and affordable software.

Why Asia?

Asia has great software developers. Some of the famous apps were developed in Asia. For example, Flappy Bird, the game which was created by a single app developer in Vietnam. The game was taken down because of copyright issues.

Another reason to select the right coders, who make sure that code is not stolen, or copy pasted.

Asia, especially India, has many talented IT professionals.

The trick is to select the right talent from this large pool. (Hint: Our company helps with this endeavor)

Not only that. The IT sector is in high regard in the Asian community. It is different from the western view of coders who sit in the cellar and program all day long. Where they are considered nerds.

What to take care of?

Not every company in India develops great software. That is also why there are so many people complaining about programmers in India. They always say “yes” to all requests and in the end produce code which is not maintainable and is not considered of high quality.

The reason for this is a bad selection. The company offering the cheapest price and makes the biggest promises will be selected as the service provider.

This is not a good way to select a business partner.

There are app development companies in South Asia which produce the best software applications in the world. They work with clients such as Adidas or Siemens to produce high quality lines of code.

But these IT providers in India might be too expensive, as they too have high hourly rates.

There are small to medium sized IT companies which can provide a good quality at a reasonable price.

How to make sure to select the right partner?

The right IT partner will have worked with similar clients and might already have done similar IT projects.

But one important trait will be that they are very transparent in their pricing and also in their processes.

Working with a bad IT company is like working with a black box. It is not possible to know what is going on behind the scenes.

So, transparency is a good point to look out for, when selecting a mobile app development company.

Other things to look out for:

a) Are you looking for an App developer or a company who does the whole project

Some companies will do everything. From project management, to planning, the programming and even the marketing of the solution.

Other service providers, such as ours, will help you find mobile app developers in India. For example, Android coders, who know how to use Kotlin or Java to create backend solutions.

These are two types of companies. But there are also other players, like agencies, who will be focused only on hybrid app creation with tools such as Ionic, Flutter or React Native.

There are also companies who have their project management in Europe or in the USA and the coding team sits in India. This can be preferable, in case you do not speak English, because they will provide a contact person who speaks your language.

b) Are you a start-up, a freelancer, a small business, a medium sized business, or a large enterprise?

This also affects which service provider you should select.

Because it makes no sense for you, when you are a start-up, to approach an IT giant such as HCL or Wipro. These companies are focussed on building large offshore development centers, for large corporate clients, with thousands of developers. Wipro might build a large app development team for a company such as Walmart.

On the other side it would also not be interesting to select a single Indian IT freelancer, when you are a company with no inhouse programmer. Because you have no possibility to check the quality which is created by the freelancer.

Therefore, also check your own capabilities first. Then select the right IT partner accordingly.

For example, we are focussed on helping web agencies to build small to medium sized IT teams in South Asia.

What about cultural differences?

In our experience cultural differences are more important when large companies work with other large companies. Because there, many new people will be meeting new counterparts. Therefore it is important to have some kind of external consultant to come in and give a seminar on how to deal with Indian or European/ USA colleagues.

When a small agency from Europe wants to work with a coder in India, then the cultural differences are usually not that huge. Especially because the agency will be able to select a candidate, who has already worked with western clients.

Also, most of the app developers in India have more of a western lifestyle. Most use the latest iPhone and have the latest electronic gadgets.


India can be the right place to build your next mobile application. Be it a cross platform solution or a native app based on Objective-C for iOS. It will be possible to find the right talent.

Just make sure to pick the right partner. And make sure to do some research into Asian cultures in general.

What is your experience? We love to hear from you.

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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