Shopify Costs: What is The Price for Building An Online Shop With This Tool

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular online platforms for creating e-commerce websites. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a platform to create an online store. Owning a website online can give you access to millions of customers worldwide. But because they need to be made aware of the cost of using the platform to create a website, most business owners are hesitant to do so.

This article will discuss the cost of creating an online store with Shopify. When you hire a web designer to build your website, you can expect to pay two fees: ongoing maintenance and one-time setup fees. Let’s begin by discussing the price you want to pay to create a website for your online store.

Initial Website Costs

The number of features you want to offer visitors to your website will determine how much money you must invest upfront. The following features are typically found on a basic website, costing between 3328 EUR and 4754 EUR.

  • Structure of a professionally designed eCommerce website that can hold up to 25 products.
  • Standard five-field contact form.
  • Website hosting for a year.
  • Professionally written content up to 10 pages.

Online stores and small startup businesses can both benefit from a basic website. According to the features mentioned above, a basic website can help you focus on a small, limited number of products. However, a website must be created with users in mind and designed to be easy for you to maintain. 

Therefore, paying attention to including extra features can result in a high return on your initial investment over time. As a result, a fully optimised website will typically cost between 5707  EUR and 9513 EUR and will include features such as:

  • Professionally written content on 35-42 pages
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • A product catalogue
  • An advanced product filter
  • MailChimp email marketing integration
  • Related products feature
  • Abandoned cart feature
  • Custom payment gateway
  • Custom cart page, email notifications, and invoices

Website Maintenance Fees

The Shopify platform has ongoing costs you must pay after building your website. You can break down these expenses into two groups: platform costs and fees paid for each item a customer purchases from your online store. You can choose from three different plan types:

  • Basic plan will cost you 27.58 EUR per month
  • Shopify will cost you 75.15 EUR per month
  • Advanced plan will cost you 284.41 EUR per month

The basic plan of Shopify includes essential features such as 24-hour tech support, manual order creation, discount codes, and shipping label discounts. The Advanced plan offers advanced features in addition to the standard Shopify feature set, including gift cards, expert performance reports, improved shipping label discounts, etc. 

The plan you select should consider the size of your current business and the volume of customers you anticipate bringing in once your website has a solid online presence.

  • Other costs are charged per purchase and should be included in your website’s price for each item. 
  • These charges vary depending on the plan you choose, and some are based on the total value of the purchase.

Shopify for Mobile Users

Today, people’s approach to viewing and purchasing products online is changing rapidly. Suppose your website cannot cater to mobile users. In that case, it can significantly negatively impact your website’s overall performance. According to recent research from Google, people with a bad experience on a mobile website are 62% less likely to buy from that brand in the future than if they’ve had a good experience. 

To accommodate visitors who view your website on mobile devices, you should always build your website using responsive web design techniques. After identifying the type of device a visitor uses to view the website, responsive websites automatically adjust their size and structure to fit the device’s screen size. 

  • The Shopify website must be responsive and structured to accommodate mobile users because a one-second delay in mobile page loading speeds has been proven to reduce conversion rates by 20% in retail. 
  • Due to the structure of your website’s business model, this 20% decline in conversion rate directly translates into a 20% decline in revenues from your website. 

Factors that Influence Ecommerce Website Costs 

Some factors that affect how much it costs to use the platform to create a website are listed below.

  • Hosting
  • Payment Processing
  • Brand and Design
  • Custom Development
  • Add-on and Extension
  • Business Costs

1. Hosting

The cost of web hosting is determined by several variables, including the volume of traffic your store receives and any additional services you might require, like automated backups. 

Hosting cost estimates:

SaaS-hosted: Unlimited hosting starting at just 27.56 EUR per month.

Self-hosted: With incremental upgrades, 2.61 EUR to 1901.83 EUR per month.

2. Payment Processing

The price of processing payments is based on your e-commerce platform plan. For example, the Basic plan charges a 2.9% + 0.2852 EUR per transaction processing fee for credit card payments. The Advanced plan has a 2.4% fee. If you accept payments in person, the price is lower because the risk of fraud is lower. 

3. Brand and Design

Shopify Themes provides over 100 free and paid themes to determine your store’s best look and feel. You can find it in categories such as video and 3D products, large imagery, extensive inventories, minimalist style, fun and lively, and more. Prices can be as low as free or as high as 171 EUR, depending on the theme.

4. Custom Development

“Custom e-commerce website development” refers to creating, launching, and maintaining your store to meet particular customer requirements. Shop owners can work with developers to modify its themes or build custom storefronts. The services you require will determine the price. 

5. Add-on and Extension

The best e-commerce software enables you to expand your store’s functionality and user experience by adding applications. Some are free, while others cost money, raising the price of setting up your web store. 

  • There are over 3,200 apps available in the App Store, many of which are free. Paid apps have different prices. 
  • Depending on the experience and rates of your developer, custom apps can cost as much as 4700 EUR. 

6. Business Costs

Budget is always taken into account. Although you can start an e-commerce website for as little as 95 EUR, you’ll need to spend more to get your company up and to run. In their first year, most small business owners spend about 38024 EUR, with 9% going toward expenses related to their online businesses.

As you can see, an e-commerce website doesn’t cost a fortune. You’ll probably only need to pay 27.57 EUR per month for a basic online store with Shopify after purchasing a domain name for your new e-commerce venture. The overall cost may increase if you include paid apps or add custom features. 

Because the platform is adaptable and gives you the option to decide how much money you want to spend up front, you can create a successful and rewarding e-commerce website for your company. 

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