Software developers from Romania: Why they are a good choice


Outsourcing software development is one way in which businesses free up their resources to focus on core business ideas and activities that promote their business in whichever platforms they want it to. There are several top destinations for software development, each with their own sets of pros and cons, so you can go through them to know which country would be most suitable for your outsourcing needs.

In this article, we can discuss Romania, a country that plays a significant role when it comes to software development. It might come as a surprise to you that a country that far out in the European Union has an impressive chunk of software development teams that can produce quality work. Interestingly, Romania is one of the top 5 countries in the Eastern Europe when it comes to software development.

Let’s discuss more about Romania now and its tech cities

Romania has a rich resource of software developers now. And their developers are highly skilled with updated knowledge and expertise. There are good universities in the country that teach IT and produce highly talented students every year.

Some of the Romanian cities where you will find great developers are Bucharest, Timicoara, Iasi and Cluj-Napoca. The biggest advantage of Romania and its cities is that they are all geographically close to Western Europe, and the time zones also match with just slight variations. It is easy to reach these cities when you fly in from London and Paris directly.

The cities that we mentioned above have a very high infrastructure, and they are good for attracting business. Bucharest for example, is growing as one of the highest rated tech cities in Europe, and being the Romanian capital, they do have an added advantage of being geographically close to Western Europe. Both Bucharest and Timisiora have strong cultural ties to western culture and there are some similarities in the beliefs too. 

Cluj-Napoca is known to the world as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe.The city has about 12 universities that release talented IT graduates every year, as compared to the 5 public universities and 2 private ones of Iasi. The rich technological environment of the city makes it  highly popular among companies looking for developers from Europe itself. 

The number of skilled techs in Romania are growing by the day, so it wouldn’t be fair to crunch numbers now because the numbers keep changing all the time. However, one thing is for sure – the tech talent is growing by leaps and bounds. The developers are highly skilled in Python, Javascript, Java, SQL, C#, Ruby on Rails, .NET etc. 

What makes Romania a great resource for software developers

We already mentioned that Romania has some great cities and education possibilities are superb. Many of the people in Romania are immigrants from the US or UK, and there is a huge percentage of others who are seeking knowledge to better their life in their country. 

1. The thirst for knowledge is high

Romanians see education as a way to secure better jobs and a nice income. The interest in studying to get good practical knowledge has inspired many big companies to hire from Romania. Google, Facebook, Microsoft all hire hundreds of Romanian IT experts every year. 

2. The quality of work is good

Romania is a valuable place when it comes to quality of work. The cost factor is also good. There is no need to worry that just because the fees are competitive, the quality is in no way inferior. You can easily get a great team of developers at affordable rates.

3. English is widely spoken and used

The developers from Romania are really good with their English, and even though you will find people from different parts of the world residing in Romania and seeking jobs, English is still the business language. And you can easily communicate your requirements and they are likely follow that to the letter. 

4. Acceptable time zones

Romania is located very close to several European countries and it shared borders with countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia and so there is only very small change in the timezones, so if you want to talk with the developers and have meetings with them during your time zones, it is easily possible. 

5. Member of the European Union

Being a member of the European Union, Romania has several socio-economic benefits that would contribute towards an impressive business culture, stable work environment and growth. In fact, Romania is one of the five countries that facilitates economic growth.  

Developing a software development team in Romania

Now that you have read about the advantages of a software development team, it would be nice to read more about what you can gain from developing your own software development team in the country. 

1. Proper communication tools

While we already established that the Romanian teams have good technical acumen and English skills, you still need to have the right kind of tools that can help you communicate with them. There must be real-time collaboration tools and open channels of communication throughout the course of the project. 

2. Compatibility with in-house teams

The success of the project lies in the compatibility between the team members, especially when you have a team coming from different geographical location, culture and time zones. The team from Romania will have to coordinate with the in-house team right from the start to the finish, and work in the spirit of mutual benefit and collaboration. 

3. Contacting the right partner

There are several companies offering outsourcing software developers to UK and US clients. It is important to find the right partner so you can head in the right direction. The talent pool in the country is really huge, so you will not be disappointed, nor will it take too much of your time. Getting the right partner might take time, but it would bring on a partnership for life. 

When you get hold of the right team, the entire work can be done remotely. You can divide the project into phases, and plan on a delivery date and turnaround time. 

4. The cost of software developers

The average cost of the developer depends on a lot of factors, namely, expertise, knowledge, tech stack used and so on. You can get a developer for $35,000 to 50,000 per year or more depending on these factors. 


The education in Romania is really very good, especially when it comes to tech universities. You will have a great team of educated developers when you hire form Romania. And since their language skills and technical expertise are above par, you will definitely be able to complete your software development project, however big or ongoing it could be. 

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