Software Testers from India: why they are a good choice


This is probably the one word that every business entity dreads. And it happens, especially when you least expect it. The software breaches that happened in the past were least expected too. And people never stopped talking about it. Because the memories of failures are always here to stay.

No one has forgotten the Yahoo data breach that happened way back in 2016. Though it has been several years, the breach is still one of the worst software failure examples. After the breach, Yahoo insisted their customers change their passwords and security questions.

And people still remember the malfunctioning Nest thermostats that caused the thermostat users to literally go cold. The device malfunctioned after a firmware update, and people owning old air filters and incompatible boilers had their batteries drained out. 

The Prison break is still horrifying. It happened way back in 2015 with more than 3200 US prisoners getting released before they were actually due for release. The software was actually introduced for studying and monitoring the behaviour of patients.

There are similar stories of software failures in the past. Which is why you need to do software testing before you release your product into the market. 

How software testing helps you release a better product into the market

Through software testing, you can evaluate and validate before releasing a product, to make sure it is clear of bugs and working issues. Proper testing will help release a product with quick and efficient performance, bug-free and reduced development costs. It helps determine whether the product is fit for the market, and whether there are errors or gaps when compared to the original requirement plan. 

Errors are bound to happen, irrespective of how much ever you think is perfect. They may present themselves in any part of the project phase, so you need to have a good Quality Assurance team throughout the project phases. The errors may be in the functionality aspect of the design side, and identification of the issues before they enter a critical environment is very important, hence the need for software testing. 

Hiring software testers from India

The software testing sector is growing globally, and there is indeed a huge demand for smart testers. There are several signs that show that the industry for software engineers is growing in India too, especially for software development engineer in tests. 

The current economic and political situation in India is favourable too. True, the pandemic situation has slowed things down a bit, but that’s not forever, and things are picking up. Software testers have keen knowledge that can be utilised in various sectors too. Highly talented employees will be employed by huge multi-nationals, while many are in huge demand.

The major cities in India, categorised as Tier I, II and III have all emerged as major IT hubs in their own right. There are always a number of resources through which you can hire software testers from any of these cities. 

Why is hiring from India good?

Excellent service at economical rates

So it has been established that India is a good resource for software testing projects. When you look at the number of benefits you get to enjoy with software testing, the amount you spend on hiring and maintaining a QA team is negligible. They would help you find the bugs at an early stage of the project, and so fixing them early would save you loads of money in the long run. Hiring testers with experience do come at a cost, but that’s definitely worth the effort considering the heavy investment you are making. 

You can market a quality product

Your application should serve the needs of the market, and follow the prerequisites that you have set previously during the brainstorming stage of product development. The product has to give value to the customer, work without a glitch, and be compatible with all the major devices in the market. While hunting for software testers in India, make sure you contact a vendor who has experience in delivering successful projects. Check their win percentage and analyse their working strategies. 

They will be able to perform a variety of tests

The software testing team from India are experienced so they can try a variety of tests to ensure the product meets all expectations. 

Some of the testing forms are: 

Load testing – Through load testing, you will be able to determine the possibility of bottlenecks during seasonal hikes. This would help detect performance issues, and ensure there is proper scalability of websites, IoT and apps. The product should be able to function optimally during sudden spikes, so the test designing team should be able to test the product at any stage. 

Stress testing – Through stress testing, you can be reassured of the stability of the product, so some intense and thorough testing is required. This would help you correct expensive issues right in the production stage itself. It is possible to identify the breaking points and rectify them before they become serious. 

Cloud testing – Test the product’s performance while in the cloud. It would help assess the performance of the application while working in a simulated environment, and how scalable it would be. 

Early performance testing – There is no need to wait until a project phase is completed, Through Early performance testing, you can test the app’s performance when an interface is completed. It would give you valuable insights on load timings, response timing, and shows the weak spots of the apps, speed of the app, chances of crashing and so on. Just like there is performance testing, there is volume testing too. In this, the application would be tested in relation to large amounts of data, and how they would be able to handle it. 

Performance benchmarking – Testers from India are also capable of performing a technique known as performance benchmarking to help identify performance gaps. It would also help you identify where your competitors have an advantage, and how you can compete, and build a unique identity to your product. 


Testing mobile apps is a challenging task that involves the efficiency of a talented QA team because the product has to be tested on numerous devices, platforms, OS and each version should support all of them. The app should work optimally and in the same performance-oriented manner in Android and on iOS devices. 

It is important to have a software testing team that you can trust, because they play an important role in the success of your product. 

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