Symfony Developers: why they are so great!

The success of your project depends on the people behind it. When you have a good development team and talent to back your project, everything goes according to plan, and the time to market shortens. When you release an application into the market, you need to hire developers who understand your business and its goals. 

Symfony is fast becoming the preferred choice as the framework for creating web applications. Symfony leads the list among top popular PHP frameworks because of its flexibility and excellent features. Symphony helps you build complex, highly performant, feature-rich and powerful web applications. With its tried and tested MVC architecture, Symfony relates well with various patterns of object oriented programming. 

Features of Symfony 

Why you can choose Symfony as your app development framework

Symfony is easily the ideal choice as the framework for enterprise application development, thanks to the rich set of features. Let’s examine those features first:

Powerful toolbar

Symfony has a powerful and extensible debugging toolbar making debugging easy. The toolbar contains all the information articulating every step of the debugging process, including information on how much time it will take to render an appropriate view, the memory used in the execution of a particular action and so on.  To ensure every application works as expected, every new line of code must be tested. Having a PHP unit independent library makes unit testing a very simple process, followed by automation making it even easier for developers to do functional testing. 

Very simple deployment

Deploying Symfony is a very easy process, and the developers do not have to waste time on it anymore because the whole process is automated, and there is a separate configuration for each activity. 

Reliability is impressive

Released in 2005, Symfony is by far one of the most reliable frameworks around. It has proven its reliability over time, especially when popular platforms like Drupal, Magneto, phpBB and eZ Publish use the components with great success. 

Excellent long-term support

Symfony offers excellent long-term support, even for older versions, sometimes even for 3 years for some versions. There is direct support from the company in case of development issues. And you can rely on the documentation as well. 

Robust developer support

The framework actually does have a very strong developer community support, mainly because it’s an open source framework. There are more than 2000 official contributors to Symfony, so there will always be new components, and ready-made solutions to emerging issues. 

Consists of the best documentation amongst all frameworks

With Symfony, there is no worry about incomplete or outdated documentation. Symfony has rival worthy documentation, well-structured and clearly written. There are sufficient examples of development processes, with updated versions and complete and detailed explanations of every component ever used. 

When hiring Symfony developers make sure to hire from software development services companies that specialise in Symfony enterprise development. They will have expert and well-qualified developers at good value for money rates. You can hire experts who know Symfony versions 2,3 and 4. Their knowledge in MySQL database, JQuery and Javascript would be an added advantage. You can also make sure they have expertise in not just Symfony, but other PHP MVC frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter and CakePHP as well. Good programming skills in HTML5 and PHP5 are also added advantages. It also goes without saying that their skill in component and plugin development and integration aids in greater efficiency, productivity and agility.   

Tips on hiring Symfony developers

Symfony developers are great, but make sure you have the right people on your team, by following these tips:

1.Expert knowledge

Partner with a reputed software development company to get trustworthy developers who will do the work honestly. Analyse the projects they have done, the applications they have undertaken, and check their professional expertise. 

2.Transparency in services

When you choose a firm that provides you with developers, it is important to get 100% transparency so you will be informed of the project’s progress, throughout the development process. This would help you develop a strong partnership with the firm, and trustworthy relationship with the developers. With 100% transparency you will know what’s happening each step of the way. 

3.Check for their development methodologies

The developers should be aware of the different development methodologies, and the ones that would be used for each project. While discussing the project with the developers, they should be clear on the methodologies suitable for your project. 

4.How cost-effective are they?

If the service provider can give you customised services at reasonable rates, you are in. You can compare the rates with other service providers to see which is more feasible for you as against the skills they provide. You can also enquire about their past clients, and have a chat with them if that’s possible.

5.How supportive are they?

Choose a partner that would be willing to give you round the clock support and service even after the project is over. This way any issues that occur in the website will be clarified and corrected. 

6.Continuous communication with the developer team

Ensure there is constant communication with the team, during and after the project. Communicate your requirements, the technologies used, the time needed to complete the project, and every detail of the project to ensure there will be no dispute later on. 

Steps to hire great Symfony developers

Once you’ve come across the perfect partner for your project, you can kick-start the process by:

  1. Discussing the business requirements with them
  2. Checking the portfolios of the different developers they have in their team
  3. Interview developers so you can categorise them according to their skills and expertise
  4. Once the team of developers is set, you can sign a contract with them, and set the ball rolling
  5. Feedback and communication through comprehensive reporting will go on until the product is ready 


Symfony is thus a great choice if you want to cater to unique business requirements. If you follow the tips and hire skilled and certified experts, you will have a great team of developers to realise your dream. Your team will be able to create enterprise applications that are valuable to end-users with rich, user-friendly features. Get ready to expand your business online, and do it with a bang. 

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