This Is How You Find Freelancers

Businesses, big corporations and even individuals are seeking the help of freelancers so that they can finish their projects on time and achieve their goals. When they outsource the tasks to freelancers, it would allow them to concentrate on other core competencies of their job. With the spurt of growth in technology, assigning tasks to people residing in another part of the world has been made with total ease, enabling employers to find people with skill, talent, expertise and even competitive rates. The list is endless when it comes to choosing a freelancer for your task:

A freelancer could be a/an:

  • HR consultant
  • Web developer
  • Content writer
  • Social media marketer
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer
  • Bookkeepers
  • Web designer
  • IT specialist

Finding the right freelancer for your job can be time consuming so it is only sensible that you must start with the hiring process as soon as you have decided to hire a freelancer and not when there is a project deadline. That way you will have time to whet the freelancer and have him understand and relate to your requirements.

There is no such thing as the best time to outsource; anytime you are not chasing deadlines would be a good time to contact and hire freelancers. If you have new projects lined up and if your regular staff cannot handle them, then the obvious choice would be to hire a freelance team and keep them on a standby.

Finding freelancers would take hours of dedication, but once you have the best team, never let them go. As freelancers, they have the freedom to choose their clients, so if you remain a good client and give them excellent work and pay, they would remain with you.

How to get freelancers for your company

You can register on the freelance job websites as an employer and start looking for people. There are plenty of websites that offer freelance jobs for people, so you will never be in short of a good team. All you need is a little bit of time in your hand. In all these websites, all you need to do is post your job, have an account where your bank details and credit card details would be verified and you would be ready to post job after job. Plenty of people would apply for the jobs posted by you, and you can zero in on the one that meets your requirements.

Here are some websites that would help you find a freelancer for your job:

oDesk or Upwork

ODesk is one of the oldest web portal in the online world that offers the seamless meeting of freelancers with employers. oDesk recently changed its name to Upwork, but all the basic features remain the same. Upwork is now open to you with more and more exciting features and the brilliant opportunity to meet new freelancers. Freelancers would bid for your job and you can choose the one who you think would do the job for you satisfactorily at competitive rates. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose beginner, intermediate and advanced level freelancers.


Elance is also one of the first freelancing websites that was ever created. It offers the unique opportunity for you to meet with freelancers, once you set an account there. Post your job requirements in an all encompassing manner, so there would be less number of questions from the freelancers’ side. Freelancers who consider themselves good enough for the job would bid and you can choose from among them.


Yes, you read that correctly. Craigslist is not only used for buying and selling neighborhood stuff, it can also be used for finding freelancers.


PeopleperHour or PPH, as it is commonly known, is another great resource for finding freelancers. All you need to do is register with a three-step simple process and you can start posting your job. Plenty of people visit PPH on a regular basis, so you are sure to find your dream employee.


This is another website where freelancers can post jobs for free and where freelancers can bid and win. You can contact them directly and make them a part of your freelance team. Freelancers can be found on hourly basis as well, so if you have short and small projects, you can easily hire one of them.


Another website where you can find talented freelancers who work for competitive rates. Make an account here and post your requirements to get in touch with some of the best talents in your industry. You can visit a particular freelancer’s portfolio and examine the past jobs performed by the freelancer to know his capacity and capability. It would help you make an informed decision when you hire him.


This is a website where freelancers can build their portfolio and make their profile look impressive to prospective employers. The website allows you to post jobs on both traditional and contemporary jobs, including writing, social media marketing, graphic designing and so on.


The above mentioned websites are all affordable and makes it easy to find talented freelancers. Once you post a job and hire an employee who seems fit to do your job, you can put in an escrow amount to the freelancer account, so there would be protection for both the employer and the worker. The employer only needs to release the payment if the work is to his satisfaction.

Other websites worth trying are Fiverr, Flexjobs, Get a Coder, Smashing Jobs Workhoppers and Demand Studios. Keep them in mind!

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