Top 10 TYPO3 Plugins

TYPO3 Plugin is a free and open source CMS tool that helps you in creating websites so it would be easy to design, feature and create content without the trouble of learning coding. SO it is a piece of functionality code that comes embedded into the TYPO3 website to extend its functionality several times fold. This would help patch up any feature that your TYPO3 system lacks, and boost any website’s features easily.  

Where to find TYPO3 Plugins

There are two options: free and premium. You can go for the free option, but the features will be limited. To get all of the functionalities, you can opt for the premium version. It does cost money, but then you can get all the best features. 

The plugins are available at a number of places, namely,

TER TYPO3 Extension Repository – Here you can get the plugins for free, and it comes with a simple search and browse option. Just type the repository by its category, name or keyword, and you will easily get it. 

T3Terminal (TYPO3 Marketplace) – This repository has both free and premium versions to help you boost up your functionality of your TYPO3 website. There are so many different options for both free and Pro versions. 

Third-party TYPO3 developers – Developers actually sell their plugins, so you can search for plugins in Google and you will be directed to developer websites and choose from the options that they have. 

TYPO3 extensions that you must try:

1. Google Calendar

The extension is me_google_calendar releases jQuery Plugin FullCalendar to various TYPO3 versions. It is possible to generate calendar with all the different features in it like the day, date, month, week, year, etc from various Google Calendar XML Feeds. Everything is easily configurable through TypoScript. 

2. Mask

With the Mask TYPO3 you can easily create and manage custom content elements. It is also possible to intuitively drag and drop elements if you add a backend module. Once TYPO3 version 7 was released, the workflow increased noticeably because the entire backend module was configured using JavaScript framework VueJS. 

Mask integrates quickly with other workspaces, multi-site, multi-language and multi-site frontend restrictions. You will find the configuration in the central JSON file, so just add it to the version control system. It is also easy to make updates to Mask, the latest version is compatible with TYPO3 v11. 

You can use Mask to create sliders, accordions and elements like that. This is because of the plugin’s repeating element feature that allows you to nest fields. 

3. StaticFileCache

The plugin, StaticFileCache was founded in 2006, and it went different extension keys – “fl_staticfilecache“, the second one “nc_staticfilecache“ and eventually “staticfilecache“.  The plugin went through a number of technical changes in the past, but main concept always remained the same. 

This typo 3 extension uses PSR14 events to check which are cacheable pages. And then it detects pages that are cacheable and stores those in the HTML files physically.

​​4. Aimeos extension

Even though e-commerce is not yet fully a part of the TYPO3 core, you can make use of TYPO3 content management system with TYPO3 Aimeos Shop Solutions. It comes with rich and extensive features. For example, you can convert your product into a recurring payment subscription plan so you can sell your products at predetermined intervals. You can provide multi-vendor, multi-channel and multi-warehouse systems to create marketplaces and complex B2B apps. There are plenty of features with Aimeos apart from these, and it comes with a whole set of features that you wouldn’t find in other TYPO3 Shop extensions. 

5. Cookieman

Cookieman is a TYPO3 extension that makes it possible to ask for user consent before including anything into HTML. The user has to consent before something is done, so the extension uses Tracking Objects to enable understanding any HTML snippet that asks for user consent. The main purpose of this is data protection unless and until the user has consented to sharing something. 

The extension uses tags like script and img to protect personal data and actions that could be illegitimate in third-party systems. There is a process in tagging the Tracking Objects and grouping them into specific ‘Groups’. This is based on user consent and user revoke. When a user revokes a previous consent, this would be updated in the HTML cookies. 

6. Frontend editing

The TYPO3 extension Frontend editing makes it possible for non-technical editors to edit their websites easily. You don’t need to see the backend at all for this, and hence a much awaited feature when it was released. You can use the Ckeditor to work with this extension.

7. Clickstorm SEO

This is a much needed TYPO3 extension because it helps you optimise the TYPO3 for search engines. There are many tools that you can use, and you can see a particular page looks like on the search result pages (SERP). The editors can also analyze whether the SEO conditions are met, for example, the recommended meta description length. Thus, the plugin has its own extensions so that the editors can take care of the Search Engine Optimization and canonical and href-lang tags. Only the allowed parameters are included in these tags, and the spam urls will be indexed. 

8. The News System

This extension maintained and later developed by a TYPO3 core member of the TYPO3 developer team, Georg Ringer, would help you display content in a chronological order. This extension has plugins that would help filter articles by different attributes, comes with categories and tags to structure the articles and there is support for SEO and Social sharing. 

9. Fluid Powered TYPO3

Fluid Powered TYPO3 extension would help accelerate productivity and flexibility when you develop CMS templates. The VHS package is very powerful and dynamic in nature. The VHS package is very powerful and dynamic in nature, with he flexibility of ViewHelpers, and combined with easy to use configuration options. 

10. Maps 2

With the Maps2 extension, you can display various maps on the website, the maps can be from Google Maps or Open Street Maps. The request will be sent to only these servers once the visitor agrees to it, it is done through GDPR feature. Different posts of interest and markers can be used for different categories in the map, the markers themselves dragged around. You can use the Maps 2 extension as a standalone plugin or in combination with other extensions. 

Final Thoughts

These tools would help you create great websites without having to know coding. These extensions are written PHP, and are configured to provide various functionalities like TYPO3 shop, accessibility, design, SEO and much more. Using the above mentioned plugins would definitely make very big differences to your TYPO3 website. All you need to do is find your plugin of choice, install it on your TYPO3 website, follow the instructions on the documentation guide, and configure the plugin in the TYPO3 backend. The task is done.

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