How to hire the best Database Developers in India

A database is an organised collection of data in a structured format stored electronically in a computer. The database will be managed and handled by a database management system. Both data and Database Management System together combines to form the database system. 

There is a huge demand for database developers globally because managing databases is a crucial part of any business. Database developers have also created a huge demand for other roles like business analyst, SQL administrator, data analyst, IT manager and so on. 

Database administrator Vs Database developer

Often, there is a confusion between database administrator and database developer. There is a difference between the two, and sometimes, people use the terms interchangeably. 

So here you go:

A database developer’s task is to store, protect and use the company’s data the way it is intended to be. The developer needs to have a considerable amount of technical knowledge and creativity to do this.

A database administrator has to be at premises most of the time, manage the system and monitor its function on a daily basis and make sure the hardware and the software runs without any issues. 

The demand for database developers is going to increase several times over the next few years. Because they have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities to go with their job profile. Have a look at some of them:

Provide an effective database system

One of the primary duties of the database developer would be to understand the needs and goals of the company, and then create an effective database system that would meet all of them. The developer has to be familiar with programming languages, architectures, data integrity practices, data models, database administration software. 

Good communication skills

The database developer must liaise with other developers to improve the applications they create and develop, and establish best practices. 

Planning space management

The developer should be good at space management and capacity planning for database systems.

Performance-testing actions

The developer has to be aware of the performance-testing procedures of the database, and ensure everything goes well. They also have to troubleshoot any particular problems, create reports and submit them, and make suggestions on improving the database system. 

Create a database manual

Every database developer has to create an operational manual clearly stating the architecture about the database system, the changes made to it and all information related to the changes or improvements made to the database.

Hiring database developer

With the help of a database developer you can migrate or upgrade your database application. So it is important to make the right choice while hiring them. Have a look at some tips that would help you with it:

Work on your hiring process

So the decision to hire a skilled database developer has been made. Just like you would be checking out the resume of possible developers in minute detail, you have to work on the hiring process to make that perfect. How do you do that? By preparing a great job description. That’s right as a good job description is the first step in attracting the right candidate. Preparing a compelling job description mentioning the company’s requirements and the expected duties of the developer would definitely make it appealing. 

Technical screening 

Perform a technical screening test of all likely candidates if you want to know more about their technical skills. This would also give you an idea about their passion, not just technical knowledge. You can ask them to do a questionnaire or have a real technical review where you can ask them to design database tables and structures, create database triggers for automation, create views, functions and stored systems, handle database security, write SQL queries and integrate with existing applications. This way you will have in-depth knowledge of the candidate’s skills. 

Real-time assessment using simulators

Recruiters find it very helpful to have a coding assessment test using simulators to reach the kind of database developers they need. The simulation would give a real-life situation to test the skills and technical adeptness of the developer. You can do this prior to a one-to-one interview so it would filter out people who aren’t capable enough. Using simulators would help reduce the bias and is thus much better than interviews. It would help recruiters examine the developer’s technical skills with much preciseness. 

Conducting online SQL skill test

One of the critical skills of hiring a database developer would be to conduct an online SQL skill assessment test. This way it would be easy to understand if the developer’s skills match your company’s requirements. It doesnt matter if you don’t understand the skill test yourself, because this test is designed to work even if you are from a non-technical background. This is a great test to help filter out developers who may not be suitable for your project. This is a great time saver, because you can access the probable candidate’s SQL and coding skills and analyse how good a fit they would be for your company. Once you get the results of the test, you can do a competency mapping, and check the skills with industry benchmarks. 

One-to-one interview

Once the online SQL skill test is completed, you will have filtered the candidates you need. Once that is done, you can call them for a one-to-one interview and analyse their other skills – time management skills, communication skills, creative skills, problem-solving skills and so on. 

They should have a good rapport with the development team

The database developer works closely with the development team. Thus, they should have extensive knowledge of major programming languages, database administration softwares, architectures etc. They have to continually modify and edit the database, design new ones, troubleshoot the existing ones and analyze the company’s data needs regularly. 

How good they are at data modelling

One of the critical aspects of database management is making data models. The developer must be aware of pitfalls like data redundancy, tight coupling and null saturation. Through data modelling, it would be easy for the developer to illustrate the data types stored within the system, the relation between these data types, how they can be grouped together and organised, and so on. The database developer must create the data model along the needs of your business goals, with inputs from the stakeholders.


It is indeed challenging to get someone with all the skills and experience that you need. If you need a hiring manager with a technical background, then do so, especially if you need to get those tech questions answered. You can also develop a database developer assessment test to ease up the process, apart from the other assessments mentioned above.

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