Why Drupal Developers are still in demand

Drupal is still one of the most sought after open-source CMS platforms among all the CMS platforms in the world. Every business needs to have the best CMS system available to boost their website and e-commerce portals. And visitor retention is another critical element because whatever CMS you choose, it has to be safe, secure, flexible, flexible and other cutting edge tools. In this article, we can examine why Drupal developers are still in great demand.

Why Drupal?

Drupal is the most-loved CMS platform because it is suitable for both small and medium sized businesses. It helps you build great websites with excellent flexibility and scalability, and you will find the CMS used widely in government websites, universities, colleges, NGOs since it can reach across multiple channels. You can create different variety of websites, mainly:

  • Social networking sites
  • Personal websites
  • Corporate websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Community forums
  • Blogs
  • Multi-media sites
  • Multi-language websites
  • Resource websites

Other benefits of choosing Drupal

1. Scalability

It is important for websites to grow as the needs of the customers grow, and when more load comes in, websites tend to become slow. When you use Drupal, you don’t have to worry about that, because it grows along with it, whether your website has one page or a 100 pages. The CMS is also capable of handling traffic spikes with ease too. 

2. Flexibility

Drupal is highly flexible, so if you plan to incorporate different varieties of content like videos, blogs, podcasts, infographics, you can have it all charted out without any trouble. Drupal also boasts of an elaborative script that comes with any number of design possibilities so the developers can have control over design element editing. 

3. Excellent personalisation modules

Drupal can provide customer-centric experience to the users through its content personalisation  modules. Drupal makes it possible to provide impeccable user experience to visitors by providing highly presentable and very attractive UX, easy loading of pages, enhanced page caching capabilities and creating different marketing campaigns. 

4. Integrate Marketing Tools

The main purpose of Drupal is to provide an all encompassing experience for users and even make it easier for the developers. So it is possible to integrate marketing tools and the functions and features of Drupal conform to ADA, WAI-ARIA and WCAG guidelines. There are a number of tools for different kinds of layouts and multilingual functionality. 

Why developers love calling themselves as Drupal developer

1. It is easy to become a Drupal developer

Drupal developers absolutely love their jobs. Because not only do they have the desire and commitment, but they can also go through training sessions from Drupalize.me at their own pace. The best thing is that they can pace their own schedule, choose focussed training sessions, both live and online. You can also learn from DrupalEasy Academy and Drupal Career Online. If you want to brush up on what you have, try DrupalEasy Career Resources.

2. A highly rewarding career

Becoming a Drupal developer is a highly rewarding career because there is always a huge demand for the developers, and you enter a community with thousands of like-minded people. Several businesses, including the entry level ones and the established organizations prefer to run their websites on Drupal because of the many features that we’ve described above. 

3. Easy to go freelance or choose the work from home option

Post Covid 19 situation, the world has accepted a new normal, and that is the work-from-home scenario. Unfortunately, not every job fits the bill. You cannot work from home for all jobs, but if you are a developer, it is easily possible. And there is excellent opportunity to go freelance too, there is always someone somewhere asking for a Drupal developer, so you will never be out of a job, when you are one. 

4. Developers love the customisability of Drupal

Another great advantage of Drupal is that it is 100% customisable. There are over 40,000 modules and plugins that developers can use to extend the functionalities of the websites. This makes it customisable enough to accommodate whatever new business requirements that might come up from time to time, add new features, tweak existing features. 

Why do you need Drupal developers?

Drupal developers can be a great asset to your company. Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire developers:

1. They are perfect for building eCommerce websites

If you are planning on developing eCommerce, Drupal is the best option so far. This CMS platform will always stay ahead of the trends and techniques of the new customer engagement technologies. Several huge e-commerce platforms have already adopted Drupal as it helps them drive better customer engagement leading to sales. 

2. A great asset for SEO

Drupal is famous for its Metatag module. This tool allows developers to add meta tags automatically to your website. A developer with knowledge in Drupal will help you plan successful SEO marketing campaigns, and shape how your content features itself in all the social media sites. 

3. Impressive community support

There is a huge community of developers, so support is available everywhere

One of the huge benefits of choosing the Drupal path and hiring Drupal developers is that you get access to a huge community of developers, both past and present students who meet up regularly to share their ideas, and offer support. The huge community is connected by interests, topics and services, so there is support from all sides. 

4. They are aware of PHP and PHP frameworks

Since Drupal version 7 was built with PHP and version 8 was built using Symfony, every Drupal developer would be perfect in their PHP knowledge. This helps you build web services, micro services, APIs, applications. And if you get a developer who knows his way around the template engine, Twig, it would be an added advantage. 

It would also be advantageous to have the developer know Angular, Due or Vue. Most of the developers are also aware of not only HTML, but would be able to work with CSS preprocessors like Less and Sass. 

Final Thoughts

It would be beneficial to hire Drupal developers with deep knowledge of the Drupal platform and its ecosystem because Drupal development is not merely all coding. Make sure the developers have excellent communication skills because they have to communicate well with the team.

Since website development is all about paying attention to detail, the developer should also be a detail-oriented person. 

You can hire Drupal developers with excellent experience in different versions, not just 7 and 8, because the more versions the developers know, the better they are capable of understanding the complexities of the CMS and how any wrinkles can be smoothened. 

The Drupal developers should also be good at Git, a version control system because any number of developers can work on the same project, without getting in each other’s way. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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