What does a HTML Developer do?

HTML developers work on end-to-end coding of websites, and they create great, unique websites and applications that standout and make you competitive. HTML has been around for a long, long time, so it doesn’t need a particular introduction. Still it would be interesting to trace the roots of HTML, and how it became so popular. 

More about HTML

HTML is the short form for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the most basic building block in a website, and it is one of the first things a student learns in web development. HTML defines the meaning of a website and creates the entire context. Unlike what most people believe, HTML is not a programming language, but a markup language developed and was written by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. It was he who created the World Wide Web too, in 1989. The official HTML version was launched in 1993, and ever since then we have seen many updates and new functionalities added to it. 

The idea of HTML

The researchers at CERN needed to share several documents all the time from different workplaces, and they had a tough time doing this. Sir Tim Berners-Lee recognised a need and opportunity in this, and he developed a markup language to connect different computers globally. By using this markup language a person working on one computer can access a shared document prepared and saved in another computing device.  This is done through a hypertext system where documents are written in text, and then linked using hyperlinks. All the researcher has to do is click on the hyperlinks and open the files. 

The first version of HTML had minimal features and functionalities, but then that was enough because only very few people were involved In web development. With the second version, users had more options and freedom, and with the following versions, more features were included. 

Eventually, it became a really popular language that was used not just for sharing files, but evolved as a major component for building web pages and applications. 

So if you are looking for a skilled web developer worth his salt, he would most probably be proficient in HTML. It is the first step in creating websites, and there is hardly any chance of making a mistake with a developer proficient in HTML. 

The duties of an HTML developer

HTML developers are front-end web developers, and they are mainly responsible for creating beautiful websites, as demanded by their clients. Every company needs a web developer if they plan to go online, so big corporations, small businesses, startups all need to have websites. 

1. Cross-platform functionality

Ensure the websites can be easily accessed through any device. These days, people access websites on their smartphones, tablets and a variety of browsers. So the developer must be very careful that the websites they create are functional in all platforms. And the websites must open in the same format without a hitch. 

2. Embed document tags

The websites have to look visually appealing, and this can be done by embedding tags in crucial places in the website. This would increase page engagement, and making it visually appealing at the same time. The tags with embedded links would lead to the other pages in the website ensuring the visitor stays interested. 

3. Work in close collaboration with designers

The HTML developers must have excellent communication skills because they work with the designers to create killer websites. Together they are responsible for creating new websites or updating existing ones to ensure they remain in tune with the latest trends and functionalities. They bring to life dull-looking websites with improved functionalities. Often, they have to work within a deadline, because the websites will always have a launch date. The HTML developer has to make sure the demands are met, and the website goes live on the planned date and time.

4. Help and support whenever needed

Websites can crash at any time, and often it would be the HTML developer who has to resolve the issue and make sure the website is back live and functioning. 

HTML developers are perfect for all kinds of web development projects

Games – Pokey, blackjack, solitaire, sports games

Cross-platform apps – Developers can simultaneously develop apps with CSS3, Web API, Jquery and ensure it works along all platforms

3D animation – HTML developers can develop enterprise-level web applications with 3D animation development workable on both mobile and desktop apps

For software integration and connectivity projects – The latest version of HTML uses API layer as a mediator to enable interoperability of software products and facilitates communication connectivity.

Skills and Functionalities of HTML developers

Academically, the HTML developer must have a degree in computer science or relevant degree. They must have excellent design skills, analytical knowledge and good communication skills. Additionally, you can look for the following skills when you hire the developer:

1. Technical skills

The developers must have excellent technical abilities because they will have to deal with different kinds of hardware, software and web platforms. 

2. Paying attention to details

The HTML must be an expert in detailing because there must be strict caution in ensuring that the coding is in the right location and there is no mistake in the many lines of coding. 

3. Remain updated and be a fast learner

The HTML developer must be a fast learner because they might have to learn and familiarise with new concepts and technologies.

4. Be proficient in several web languages

It is important for the developer to know other programming languages, apart from HTML. It is only in this way can the developer create interactive web pages and applications. 

Final Thoughts

It is through HTML that the foundation of great websites are laid. With the latest features and functionalities, it is still the best technology to create highly successful websites.  

The HTML developer, being front-end developers, collaborates with back-end developers and web designers to design the websites. When they have updated skills it would be easier to create websites that reach top ranking. Being an HTML developer is a highly demanding job, so the developers must not only learn to manage stress, but keep themselves updated on the latest trends. 

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