What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how can it be used in Software Development?

The world is indeed getting smarter and the technology to support smartness is growing at an alarming rate. It is the same with Artificial Intelligence. Whether we have realised it or not, AI has started playing a significant role in our lives. 

When you open Amazon and see a product recommendation, or browse Facebook, and see the latest advertisement on your feed, that’s AI at play. Technology has become so powerful and all pervading that you can’t escape or hide from it even if you want to. Artificial Intelligence cannot be summed up in a few words because it is so vast and deep, and it can touch upon every aspect of life, hence used in software development. There are plenty of superbly performing applications in the market infused with AI, and the benefits they give to society is unimaginable. 

From smartwatches to self-driving cars, innovation and science never tires. The concept of robotisation has progressed so far that scientists have developed robots that resemble humans, talk like humans, walk like humans, even recognise and display human emotions.  Imagine having a robot at home, to mix you the drink that you desire, or to keep the rooms dust and pollutant free by cleaning the house when you leave? How about coming to a clean and warm home, and you don’t have to lift a finger to keep it that way? 

Artificial Intelligence is simply machines with brains. And they are getting brainier by the day! Machines with AI can profoundly impact our lives. And the fascinating fact is that AI can surpass human performance. Innovations in AI increased several times fold over the last decade, and they can really and truly redefine humanity. 

AI’s profound impact in business

The core area where AI impacts business is the marketing and sales department. AI with Machine Learning and Natural Learning Processing can make a huge difference in how business is done, even businesses that have just started using the technology. 

Can intelligently analyse huge datasets

The amount of data that comes in from different resources is beyond massive. It is not possible to manually analyse them all and segregate insightful data. With AI, the data is automatically processed and separated, so you have only useful data to make sense of.

Automate business processes

There are plenty of processes that need automation and when the staff does it all, it takes up a huge portion of their working time.  With AI, all these processes can be automated hugely, and lower the workload of employees so they can focus on other tasks. And obviously, no mistakes will be made, because the chance of error is minimal. 

Identify and maximise sales opportunities

AI helps in identifying customer taste and interest, recognise market trends and check out new sales opportunities. Through Big Data technique, you can sift through the available information and collect what you need for digital marketing. 

Artificial Intelligence in Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is transforming software development in a disruptive manner. It can change the way developers work and impact how they develop codes. Algorithm-based machine learning (ML) can accelerate the software development cycle and enable the developers to optimise their workflow throughout the entire software development process. And in the quick mode too! AI can automate the cognitive and physical tasks and hasten software development greatly. 

Here’s how AI can transform the jobs of the developers

1. Developers work in collaboration with AI

The job of the software developer doesn’t go away with AI nor can the technology replace the developer, at least not immediately. Because, it is important to develop AI machines, and you need codes for those. But with AI, the role of the developer definitely evolves. AI will make it possible for the machines to write codes on their own, but you still need developers to automate the tasks and assign them to AI machines. The developers will develop skills to work in collaboration with the AI machines. There will also be a demand for new developers who can work the codes to work with AI and at the same time, code it. 

2. AI can accelerate the speed of software development

Machine learning and AI can hasten the process of software development by running the tests more frequently and accurately. There is a marked difference between doing it manually, and automatically. 

3. Flagging errors and detecting abnormalities

In software development, it is important for a solid error management program so you don’t have to keep rolling back to correct them. When your software functions as SaaS, this can lead to heavy downtime and serious loss for the company especially when customers use your software 24/7. With the help of AI, these issues can be flagged in the development phase itself. The error can be corrected manually, which is a time consuming process, while AI can automatically detect and correct the errors in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. It is much quicker than a developer correcting it. 

4. Better decision making on which product is feasible 

AI is a game changer in strategic decision making when it comes to what kind of products should go into the market. Through technology, it is possible to collect data on software failures and successes, so you can avoid the mistakes and embrace the successes. AI complements human intelligence, and helps you make smarter decisions, and through that release successful products in the market. It is possible to train the AI machine on previous successes and failures, and based on that analytics, it is possible to release new software.

When it is AI managing the data, and churning out the analysis, there is practically no room for error, and you can eliminate human bias completely. 

5. Security systems can never be flawed

Security softwares will be greatly benefitted by the use of AI. You can build fool-proof security softwares with the help of AI, so companies looking to build products that can plug holes in the computer network defenses will find better accuracy in softwares built with AI. Install softwares with AI in your own systems and preserve your data and infrastructure more successfully. Systems integrated with AI can help detect cyberattacks by looking at the data that pours in. 

6. Provide dynamic software experience

Once the software is out in the market, AI helps deliver the best experience to the users. It is possible to collect machine learning algorithms on how a user interacts with a software, and how much time they spent on it, also which pages need improvement. Based on this data, the developer can make changes on those areas and improve the software already in the market. As data keeps changing, and more feedback comes in, you can use real-time input to make the necessary changes.

Final Thoughts

Building software with AI is fast becoming mandatory because of the numerous benefits associated with it. As customers are demanding perfection, they are less likely to tolerate incompetence. Stay on top of the game by providing the best. 

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