What is the salary of an ASP.NET Developer?

What is the salary of an ASP.NET Developer?


The demand for skilled developers will always be present, and their skills will be complemented by the advanced technologies that keep coming. ASP.NET is a robust framework developed by Microsoft and it allows the developers to develop applications with ease. There is always a demand for ASP.NET developers because it is one of the most sought-after frameworks, and also because it provides a unified platform for developing different kinds of applications – for mobile, desktop, browser, cloud, and IoT. With relevant skills, the developer will be able to create rich, dynamic, and user-friendly applications. 

In this article, we can examine the role of an ASP.NET developer and how much their salaries are depending on their hiring country. We will read more about the defining factors that determine the salary as well so you will have a clearer picture. 

Understanding the role of an ASP.NET developer 

The responsibilities and role of the developer will determine their salary, among so many other factors. The developer works with his team to develop integrated ASP.NET applications. Created by Microsoft, this is an open-source framework that enables developers to build modern web apps and services. The apps will run seamlessly on multiple devices and platforms. This is the primary role, of course. For ease of understanding, we can break this down into the following actions:

  • Building user interfaces
  • Software design and architecture
  • Software prototyping
  • Developing programs for Dot Net applications
  • Creating procedures for running applications
  • Modifying and rewriting codes to improve efficiency
  • Technical support for desktop, mobile, and web applications
  • Maintain code quality by integrating data storage systems

So you see, the developer has so many roles to perform, and getting the right one makes a lot of difference. Their responsibilities will of course depend on the industry, job role, location, and of course, their experience. They are involved from the first step of designing the software architecture to developing and maintaining the web applications using the ASP.NET framework and its related technologies. The developer must also be able to communicate with the other team members to execute their plan. 

The developer skills matter a lot

When you are hiring an ASP.NET developer, the skills will also define their salary. Hiring the right developer with a combination of hard and soft skills will help with the projects they are doing because they can effectively carry out code processing and system design. 

If you are looking for a developer with superior skills, then you must check their capacity and knowledge in the following levels:

  • Cloud Engineering
  • Highly experienced in front-end technologies like Angular, HTML, and Javascript
  • Hands-on experience in working with all the nuances of the ASP.NET web application framework
  • Understanding web application lifecycle
  • Highly knowledgeable on automated testing platforms

The tech skills that the ASP.NET developer must have

Apart from the working skills that we mentioned above, it would be good to have some other skills that are also important. The higher the knowledge they have in these things, the better it would be for you to hire them.

Here are those skills:

Analyzing the code and editing them

The developer must be skilled to go through the existing codes and work to make them better so they can save time and resources. They must analyse the code and its performance, and make changes wherever needed. 

Know the operation of ASP.NET MVC

Hiring a developer with excellent knowledge of ASP.NET MVC is an advantage because they can have control of every function of an application. It’s open source, with access to client-side technologies. The developers can produce software quickly and efficiently when they are experts at ASP.NET MVC. 

Knowledge of client-side technology

The developers must be proficient in client-side technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript because it would diversify their skills and help them create apps that are aesthetically awesome and easier for the customers too. 

And of course, there are other skills like customer skills, time management skills, and problem-solving capability, which probably every developer should have, not just ASP.NET developers.

Factors that determine the salary of the ASP.NET developer

The determining factors are location, company size, industry, and of course, experience level

Junior developers can earn €4200 and senior developers earn up to €7600+ yearly in Europe. This could range between $68,000 and $112,000 yearly in the USA. The salaries are lower in countries like India, Ukraine, and similar countries where work is very often outsourced. A junior developer might make somewhere between ₹2,50,000 – ₹3,00,000 in India. The more experienced the developer, the higher the salary will be. 

The average salary for a developer in Germany is €75,721 a year and €36 an hour. The average senior developer salary in the UK is £55,000 per year or £28.21 per hour. Even then, it could vary depending on whether it is London, Spain, etc. In India, a very senior developer with a wealth of knowledge and experience can earn about ₹15,00,000 per year; and the average salary is ₹7,80,000. The salary in Ukraine for an average developer could be $37,540, whereas a junior developer might earn only around $15,000.

A mid-level developer in the UK with around 4-5 years can earn around £43,562 per year. The same developer in the USA will earn somewhere between $65,000 and $87,000. In India, the mid-level developer could earn around ₹4,24,515 per year. 

The salaries are even lower if you are hiring developers from Brazil and China. And interestingly, the salaries for developers in Australia and Singapore are very high. And there is a difference when you hire developers from different places in India. When you hire from Tier 1 places like Mumbai or Banglore. When you hire developers from cities like Kochi, the salaries are lesser than in Tier 1 cities. But you still get high-quality ASP.NET developers with excellent experience. 

The Canadian tech industry provides high salaries too especially when the developers are from major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. And some companies offer modest compensation packages as well. 


And as we mentioned earlier, the company and industry also matter greatly. Developers who work in the financial sector or healthcare sector typically earn more than developers in the retail, manufacturing and other sectors. 

Isn’t this proof enough that the salaries can vary depending on the location and experience of the developer?

Remember, these numbers are rough estimates, the salary might depend on the company that’s hiring. If you are looking to hire a developer, you can crunch these numbers and plan your budget. This would help you get the right developer. 

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