Where to look to find developers/ programmers?

The expertise of the developer or the programmer is an asset to the company because it is his technical prowess and creative vision that would lead the company to success, leading the engineers and junior developers through innovation, and thereby gaining maximum potential for the company he/she works for. It is the developer who would eventually create a competitive edge over your rivals, elevating the company’s position to a level that is unreachable by others. This is why it becomes so important to hire the right people as developers, and no mistake should ever be made during the hiring process. If you are wondering how to get the right people for your company, then this all inclusive guide would help you.

Where do the prospects hang out?

Find out where the developers generally hang out and contact them directly. Developers and programmers participate in local meetings and events and you can probably find the most brilliant developer there.

The cultural fit developer

You must also go for the local talent when you are hiring a developer. Hiring the culturally fit developer would make things easier for you in the long run. For example, if you have a start-up in Kerala, it would be ideal to hire someone who wishes to work in Kerala, and understands the culture there. A local talent would always feel at home in the local ambience, when compared to an outsider.

In order to hire the best talent, you don’t have to hire the first one that comes along and assign him a permanent job. Have a three-month probation to make sure the person you have hired is good enough for your company and ensure that the person is comfortable working in your company. If there are plenty of opportunities for the person to grow and develop, then it will not be that hard to find a good developer. But sometimes it might take time, so it is better to be patient than hire a developer who performs poorly.

Find the better communicator

When you visit the events and meetings that developers participate in, you will meet with a lot of them. It is always advisable to choose employees who communicate well with you because your developer would eventually be the leader who would communicate with the rest of the team. The ability to talk to humans convincingly is an art the developer must be able to master. So hiring people who are quite articulate in their thoughts would be the best option. You can find such people at local events, seminars and conferences.

Ask around

If you need a new developer for your company then you must ask around. Articulate your needs to your friends and family, they might actually give you suggestions or references that you hardly knew anything about. They might even give you the content details of some brilliant developer who is looking for a job and location change. But do it with a pinch of salt. When you hire developers, avoid friends or friend of friends if you can help it. In case, the friend or the acquaintance doesn’t perform well, then you would be forced to fire the person and this would eventually leave a bad taste in the mouth, for the developer, for you and for the friend.

Post an ad in the programming newsletters

Sometimes the developer you are searching for may not be available at these places. In which case, you can try your hand at placing ads in programming newsletters. Developers, at least some of them read programming newsletters and these ads would catch their eye. It might also happen that the developer may not even be seeking a job, but if he sees your ad, he might think of applying for the job, provided of course, he finds your job proposition attractive. And as a result – you would bag the best developer.

Posting in job boards

Job boards are the best platforms through which you can meet future employees. You can get in touch with developers and programmers who frequent these job boards, view their portfolio and discuss their work experience. There are job boards run by professional organizations that support programmers, and these would let you get in touch with programmers. You can also post ads for a certain rate and wait for the developers to apply for the job.

Websites that can help find a talent

There are plenty of websites through which you can find a prospective developer. Elance, now known as Upwork, for instance, is a popular freelancing website through which you can hire developers from a remote location. You can either hire a local developer or choose a talent from another country. 99designs is another website that acts as an online graphic design marketplace through which you can hire developers. Dribble.com is a platform where developers showcase their talent and exhibit portfolios, you can visit this website to search through a huge database of developers. Similarly, you can post jobs in Bechance, another online medium for developers and programmers to post their portfolio and wait until a talented developer answers your posting.
Follow the ideas mentioned above and the chances are highly likely that you will be able to hire a good developer for your company.

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