Why ASP.NET is the technology of choice for developing enterprise web applications

ASP.NET or Active Server Pages.Net was initially developed by Microsoft and now, it is an open source framework; it helps to build rich and dynamic websites and applications.

ASP.NET, the web application framework that you can use to build dynamic website was initially marketed and developed by Microsoft, but later on it became open source. Even so, ASP.NET development has evolved to be the best solution chosen by medium to large business to create their web applications. The main reason why ASP.NET framework is so popular is because it allows the developers to create high performing websites, which are easy to develop and maintain as well. Businesses have developed a liking to this framework because it is affordable.

You can actively use ASP.NET web application framework to make the following applications

  • Websites
  • Product or inventory applications
  • Customer relationship management
  • Mobile applications with responsive design framework
  • Value chain/supply management
  • XML we services
  • Accounting applications

The framework is thus an integral part in the making of any website. Ebayand Amazon are a couple of websites that survive solely because of it.

A little introduction into the making of ASP.Net framework

When websites were first introduced, the pages were largely static; this was before the release of Internet Information Services in 1997. The web developers had to manually modify these pages on a constant basis. Microsoft developed ASP or Active Server Pages for the sole purpose of addressing this need. This helped create dynamic pages that worked along the requirements of the businesses.

Have a look at some of the major advantages of ASP.Net Framework

  • The framework is simple; and can easily perform common tasks
  • The rich toolbox and Visual Studio integrated development complements the framework
  • HTML codes and source codes come together, so maintaining the webpages would be very easy
  • As the source code is executed in the server itself, ASP.NET pages are flexible and quite powerful
  • The number of codes used with the framework is comparatively lower
  • The applications you make would be very safe, thanks to the built in Windows authentication
  • There is ASP.NET run-time to ensure the processes are managed and monitored, so there is no dead process at any time
  • ASP is a server side technology, so the codes will be executed on the server itself and then sent to the server
  • The server constantly monitors the activities within the pages and applications, and at the single instance of leak or any illegal activity, it (the server) destroys them and starts afresh
  • ASP can handle multiple users without compromising on performance
  • Through page formatting and data binding features, you can easily work with ADO.NET
  • Interoperability with technological paradigms like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and CLR (Common Language Run-time)

Choosing an ASP.NET Development Company

Medium to big size businesses looking for high quality website with optimum running capability and dynamic features, tend to choose ASP.NET framework.

The three main developmental models for making ASP.NET are

  • ASP.NET Web Forms – uses controls that would present information to the user in the client device or browser.
  • ASP.NET MVC – this is a lightweight and testable presentation that helps you build dynamic websites; is integrated with ASP.NET features like authentication, master pages, etc.
  • ASP.NET Web Pages – also a simple and lightweight way that helps the developer combine server code with HTML and creates dynamic webpages; it is a part of Microsoft WebMatrix

Many companies do not have the in-house talent to make websites using this framework, so they will have to hire someone with the required skillset. Selection process is slightly elaborate in order to avoid unfavorable outcomes like untoward monetary expense, delay in releasing project, incomplete project, inefficiency in completing the project as per requirement and so on.

Deploying ASP.NET for small, medium and large sized business is rewarding

The framework is believed to be the most productive platform as it has the capability to cover most of the requirements of these companies. Before hiring a company who will design websites with this framework make sure they have received the gold certificate accreditation for it. Microsoft offered ASP.Net, and though it is open source now, you will have to search for a company that has received Microsoft Gold Competency. Such a company will definitely have the required skillset to do your job. In order to gain confidence about the company you are hiring, you can check their team strength, go through the CVs of the ASP developers and enquire about the number of highly skilled people in a team. When your requirement is complex, it would be only natural that you would want their technical acumen to be really high. This would help to understand the requirement for wireframes, click events, application flow and so on.

Companies like The New York Times Company, Tripadvisor, Bank Of America, National Geographic, 3M, Go-daddy and MSN use ASP.NET

Customer software development is extremely rewarding with ASP framework

It’s time you started engaging the benefits of customer software development with ASP. It would be extremely rewarding for your business because it would help you resolve the requirements of your customers, increase business productivity and enjoy unbroken and enhanced communication with everyone involved in the project.


ASP.Net is rewarding for businesses because it can generally cover all of their requirements relating to web development platforms. It is also highly secure, can be integrated with legal systems, and rewards the developers with an amazing cross platform compatibility.

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