WordPress Developers from India: how to hire them

WordPress Developers from India: how to hire them

There are plenty of content management systems in use, but nothing has become as popular as WordPress or performs the functionalities of the platform. WordPress makes it easier to connect with your target audience, with your internet marketing campaigns and promotes the overall growth of your business.  The fact that WordPress serves both technical and non-technical clientele makes it so different and unique from other web platforms. 

How can a WordPress developer help?

WordPress developers are experts who can develop websites and make them perform in a competitive era. They will have the necessary skills, coding knowledge, experience and expertise to provide unique solutions to unique requirements. The entry of WordPress has been indeed one of the most innovative technological revolutions of all time because it has helped all kinds of businesses, including startups to have their own websites and fulfill their business needs. If your business is just a one-page WordPress website where you serve your customers out of your home office, WordPress would just help you there. 

Hiring a WordPress developer would pretty much solve all your problems as it lets you come to the forefront of internet marketing. While WordPress is easy and simple to use, having a developer would make it more intuitive and extensive. The developer can customize your website, utilise hundreds of themes and plugins, and expand your website. As this requires some amount of technical expertise, a skilled developer would easily make it functional and responsive. 

India is one of the most sought after destinations for hiring WordPress developers. There are plenty of Word press development companies that would provide you with a team whenever you need. Go about the process carefully because there are hundreds and hundreds of companies out there, but only a few that would provide you with exactly what you need. 

Website development

The WordPress developer team can help you create lead generating websites to reflect your business goals, and promote your business. They can provide you with complete CMS development services so it becomes easy to manage the content in a structured manner. 

Custom Plugin and Theme Development

A good WordPress developer can help you create custom plugins that would help enhance the overall functionality of your website. These dedicated developers can also come up with customisable WordPress themes that would make the appearance of your website unique, eye-catching and attractive. 

Highly capable team with knowledge of latest technologies

WordPress developers hired from a good agency can help you with highly responsive websites  using CSS, Foundation CSS, LESS, Bootstrap, GULP Workflow and so on. They will have expertise in Types plugin, ThemeFusion editor, Divi front-end editor, ACF Pro plugin and so on.  

When you hire WordPress Developers from India

While anyone can create a WordPress website, it would be nice to hand over the task to a professional developer team to make sure everything is covered. Once you have decided to get a team of WordPress developers from India, you can follow the tips to make sure it is a hassle-free experience and a successful choice:

1. An outline of your needs

Before hiring a team, have a clear idea about what you need from them. For that you need to have a list of project requirements, to share with them, and they might even have suggestions that would be useful. You can have a list the looks somewhat like this:

  • The goal of the website
  • The kind of the website needed – is it just a site to showcase your needs, or an online store
  • Looking for custom theme or pre-built ones
  • The features important to your website

You can add to this list depending on what your requirements are. 

2. Knowing where to search

If you need a nice team, you should know where to look. You will find a good team from recommendations, in GitHub, Stack Overflow and such places. Of course, you will find them in other job listing platforms too and there are a few designed specifically for WordPress developers. You can pick and choose individual members and form a team that way. Or you can hire an agency that would just provide you with a readymade team with all the skills and talents needed for your project. 

3. Choose a team with WordPress experience

While asking for a team, make sure to get people with specific WordPress experience as that would be more of an advantage when you have typical problems to counter. A team that knows WordPress deeply would definitely be much better. It is not necessary that a general developer would be aware of WordPress specific requirements or features.

4. Gauging the expertise of the developers

Even though the agency provides expert developers, you can interview them to determine their level of expertise and knowledge. Ask them about their creativity, their expertise levels in creating innovative custom themes, how well they can work with HTML, PHP and CSS. 

Of course, you need to do your own research to ask them questions on the subject, so prepare a list of great questions and be aware of the credibility of their answers. It takes time to gauge the real value of the developer, so if you have time, go for it, because the minutes spent on understanding their skills is never wasted, especially if you get the right fit. 

5. A team that provides all the services

It would be nice to go for a multidisciplinary team that provides consultation, coding, testing, launch and support whenever required. If you have such a team at your disposal, you don’t have to micromanage, but entrust them the entire work, and breath free. 

6. Learning about their work process

Everything will go well once you have an idea about their work process, and how frequently they will communicate the progress with you. Is it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or once each milestone is covered. 


WordPress is the ideal solution for your website requirements, but choosing the right team is so important. You need a unique solution that can take your business to the next level, and grow your audience. With WordPress, you never have to worry about the project going overboard in budget, because it is free. You only have to pay for the skills of the developer team when it comes to building websites. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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