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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world. It first started off as an open source blogging tool, and later became a full fledged equipment to create websites and blogs. Created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003, WP was written in PHP, and based in MYSQL, while integrated with rich functionalities and easy to use APIs.

Of course, there are other applications and frameworks, but nothing that could be compared with the capabilities of WordPress. The platform soon evolved to be the most popular choice for bloggers around the world, and in spite of the strict competition provided by Drupal and Joomla, it still has a pedestal of its own.

Being one of the most used platforms in the world as a blogging platform, WordPress Development in India comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore them.

The Advantages of WP

1) An open-source platform

The CMS is an open source platform, and comes with GPLv2 license, giving you the freedom to modify, distribute and use the code, minus subscription or license fees.

2) It is easy to use

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t tech savvy, WordPress has a five-minute installation package and plenty of support guides, so it is actually a DIY project, you will pride on. There is no need to know any technical jargon or programming languages like PHP, CSS or HTML.

3) Huge support community

Even if you run into a glitch somewhere, there is nothing to worry because you can easily tap into the huge resource community consisting of developers, editors, designers and writers and they can advice on the working of the CMS.

4) An immense reservoir of plugins

WordPress has more than 45,000 plugins for different functionalities. And the best thing is that you don’t have to write a single code, just install whichever plugin you need, and it will be added.

5) Quick development

The speed at which WP helps you create and start your own website is amazing. Full on interfaces and applications can all be done with the help of APIs.

6) Plenty of programmers available

In India you will find a plethora of good WP developers who have created plugins and themes.

This is because WP is a technology which is used all over the world and there is a huge market for these kinds of services.

This does not just apply to WP. In technologies such as Magento, Drupal, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, ASP.NET and similar you will find many good resources in India.

Takeaway facts about WordPress

  • There are plugins that help you add numerous functionalities, without coding
  • You can create intranet sites with WP
  • WP is great for freelancers, it can get you job as developer
  • It is easy to manage sites made with this CMS
  • About 31.1% of the websites uses WordPress to power their sites
  • 3 months is all you need to design websites as a freelancer, with WordPress

Disadvantages of WP

WordPress has its own limitations, and you have to be aware of them before choosing this platform for your website needs.

1) Limitations in earning from the blog

It is not possible to run Google Adsense or similar advertising programs in the WordPress.com blogs. As it is a free blog, the terms and conditions of the CMS prevent you from conducting any commercial activity on your own. Of course, if you want to earn from your blog, then you need to enroll in their advertising program, WordAds.

2) Not possible to upload themes

The theme choice is pretty limited in the site. And you can use only those themes that are currently available in their website, both free and paid. Also, you will have to make do with the available themes, and not create and upload one of your own.

3) Very strict about T&C

Before using the services of the CMS, it is important to read their terms and conditions, and failing to abide by their rules will result in account suspension. In certain cases, WordPress may not even ask the owner to remove the content, or warn him, the blog may get suspended, so make sure you read all the activities that aren’t allowed here.

4) Many low quality service providers

Because WP is relatively easy to learn many companies are offering these services.

Some will use junior developers, where senior programmers would be needed.

Therefore care should be given, when selecting good providers from India.

Why you should use WordPress…

Switching to WordPress is definitely a smart move, because it is not merely a blogging platform anymore. Over the years, it has evolved to be one of the most trusted and versatile CMS around, so if you want a small blogging platform or a fully functional website or mobile application, here you go.

Apart from the advantages that we have listed above, here are some other reasons why you should use WP:

  • Safety and security

The platform is developed with security as its prime attribute, so you can build a website, and be relieved that it would stay secure. WP has software updates, both automatic and otherwise, and they ensure that all security vulnerabilities are plugged.

  • It interacts with other platforms

One of the best attributes about WordPress is that it interacts well with other platforms, and with other people. The structure of the CMS is that it helps you get found online, because search engines find it easier to crawl and navigate. Adding an SEO plugins like Yoast would help your website perform well in the search engines. It also works well with Google’s criteria for mobile-friendly websites.

  • For pro results

If you need your website to look professional, then WordPress would be the right choice. It is easy to set, even easier to maintain, result-oriented and the ideal solution when you are not code savvy, is not interested in getting code savvy, and prefers to focus on running your business.

  • Choose the WordPress plugin of choice

The CMS boasts of a huge collection of plugins that you can choose anything you want to add functionality to your website. In fact, there are more than one plugin, and you can use them to incorporate automatic backup, optimise the site for search results or make the site load faster. There are plugins for multimedia content as well, so you can easily embed videos, slideshows, podcasts etc.

  • Easy to make your site look unique

How do peas in a pod look? Alike, right? Similarly, how boring would it be when all the websites look the same, feel the same and has the same functionalities? Wouldn’t you like to have choices with your website, have colour scheme and even layout that’s similar to your brick and mortar store? Well, WordPress is the answer to that.

Why you should go for India

There are many companies in India which offer WP services.

Some positive things you will find is:

  • Specialized professionals who have worked with companies of all sizes
  • Junior to senior level programmers
  • Hiring possibility of full time experts
  • Cost advantage

But you should also take care to select the right provider from India.

Here some tips:

  • Make sure to check the profiles of the developers (have they extensive knowledge of PHP and WordPress?)
  • Speak to the CEO of the company and find out what are the services they offer, try to build a personal relationship
  • Check with what kind of clients they are currently dealing (are they catering to your kind of profile? E.g. some prefer to work with large B2B clients and some companies prefer to work with startups and some focus on specific industries)


WP is a great technology for building websites and portals of almost all sizes.

Especially in India you can find great development companies, which can support you in your efforts to build better solutions.

What is your experience?

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