Zend Developers: why you should hire them!

The Zend framework is a favourite among PHP developers as it helps create interactive and powerful websites. This makes the framework the first choice when compared to traditional website development platforms. Before detailing how you can hire Zend developers, let’s examine the myriad benefits of the framework. 

Benefits of choosing Zend

ZF is a completely Object Oriented platform

Zend Developers, known for short as ZF is an OOP or Object Oriented Platform that uses concepts like interfaces and inheritance. This makes it easier for the developers to extend its components, and also to implement their own variations of each and every component. Not only does the developer not have to hack into the codebase, but they can customise all they want. 

Is a highly flexible framework

Developers enjoy programming flexibility as they can experiment with all the features and codes at their disposal. They can develop applications for customers by trying out various combinations of code, without worrying about errors. This feature makes it a possible choice for developing customised enterprise web applications. 

Excellent community support

The extensive community support of Zend is what makes it apart from other frameworks. If there is anything you need to understand about the framework,  its technology or have run into an error that you cannot solve on your own, get the support from the extensive community support team.

Focus on whatever your requirement is

The Zend platform is decoupled, meaning you don’t need to use the framework as a whole. You can just load the required components, each component comes as an individual library, since each has the ability to be glued to other applications and existing ones. Hence, Zend is also known as the glue framework. 

Lack of model implementation

Developers are of two opinions when it comes to model implementation, or lack of it. The lack of model implementation makes it possible for developers to use any element.

Excellent MVC features

Not only does Zend have amazing MVC architecture, making it easier for cleaner coding and accurate wrapping of code, and all of this leads to excellent web alignment and superb performance of web applications. 

Being an open source framework supporting Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 and MaraiDB, Zend is always a good choice to build a web app. Hire skilled and talented Zend developers to do the job professionally. 

Tips on hiring Zend developers

  1. Skills required

Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS is important while hiring Zend developers.

  1. Their hunger and passion

Your Zend developer should be passionate enough to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and technologies. Check their hunger for knowledge and their passion for learning about newest tools in the market by asking them questions about them to analyse how updated they are. 

  1. Run your ideas by them

Test the knowledge of the developers or how adaptable they are to your ideas by running them by them. If you share your idea with them, they might share theirs with yours, and maybe a whole new project idea might develop. 

  1. Choosing an agency/service provider

Hiring from a reputed service provider would always be a wiser option since it will always be advantageous for you. The reasons are stated below:

  1. Background verification process

A good service provider will always do a mandatory background verification process before hiring the developer as part of their team. This is a huge relief for companies looking to outsource their work.

  1. Quality assurance

When you hire from a good agency, you don’t have to worry about quality assurance because of the complete whetting process, you get a team that really knows its job. 

  1. Risk-free trial of services

The agency is indebted to provide you with an excellent team that’s guaranteed to provide the services they have advertised.  

  1. Flexible billing models

It is advisable to go with an agency that offers a flexible billing model, for whichever model is comfortable; i.e. pay as you go model, monthly payments, fixed payments for certain milestones and so on. 

  1. Following data security policies

When you enter into a contract with a service provider ,make sure they have strict policies in storing confidential information, and follow the best practices of compliance, regulations and latest data security practices. 

This is how the work normally goes when you have Zend developers on your team:

The project happens in different stages 

  1. The planning stage

In the planning stage, there will be the business analyst who develops the project summary containing details about the target audience, the project goals, any specific requirements of the project and so on. This will contain the clear picture of the project requirements, the specialised tools, server requirements and so on.

  1. The design stage

In the design stage, the Zend developers will discuss the visual aesthetics of the project, so wireframes and mockups will be created, and this will lead to sophisticated designs that will be unique to your project, and the company’s brand.

  1. The development stage 

Once the discussion with Zend development team regarding the design phase is completed, the next stage of the project begins – the development stage where the core aspects like building the website, or the software structure happens.  It is advisable to embrace the agile methodology to ensure scalability, stability and performance of the project. During the entire development stage, testing is done to ensure there are no errors that might crop up later on. 

  1. Rigorous testing

As the next stage, rigorous testing is done to ensure the software/ website works smoothly as planned. The developers constantly test codes during the development stage, but there will be a testing stage, where every code will be checked to ensure no errors slip through the cracks. This is also the stage where developers check for compatibility across devices, there aren’t broken links and the apps function as planned. 

  1. Launch

In the launching stage, the website or the application will be launched according to the principles of agile methodologies. This will be done only if the service provider does the work as expected, so you have to give the final approval. 

  1. Post Launch period

After the launch of the website or the application, the service provider is responsible for delivering subsequent maintenance, support and additional training if required. The provider will also release the documentation of the project as part of the deal.


If you are planning to develop a web application, then the flexibility and quality of the Zend framework makes it an obvious choice. Hiring a service provider following supreme standards of high quality solutions would bring you closer to your dream

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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