Here you will find some of the most frequently asked quesions.

What is Dedicated IT Staffing

Software Developer India will provide you with a software developer in our premises in Kerala, India. This employee will work for you remotely and will become a part of your in-house team. The software developer will be under your full control (although their will be an account manager which will conduct performance reviews and daily scrum meetings). In this offshoring modell it is important that you have a project manager whithin your company who is responsible for the software developer in India.


We take utmost care in hiring only the best software developers. After taking on the software developer we will conduct training sessions and workshops regarding the topic of quality. During client engagement there will be a clearly defined set of rules of engagement which will guide the software developers daily tasks.


You will become hourly reports from the dedicated software developer through the online projectmanagement tool. Additionaly to that you will receive a daily and a weekly report.


Our software developers and staff speak good English. We also take care to gather the requirements correctly and are processed in the right way.


We are using agile methodologies for our software development efforts. This helps to minimize the effects of cultural differences. Still Software Developer India acknowledges cultural differences and provides training to our employees to understand these.

Daily meetings between the client and the software developer will help to facilitate understanding.


We think trust is important in an offshore relationship. We also believe that their have to be the right reporting structures and performance reviews in place which facilitate trust.

Contract period?

We can offer flexible contracts. From one week to several months everything is possible. Usually our customers sign one month contracts till they see whether the software developer does a good job, then the contracts are increased in length so as to hold the concerned software developer.

Why Offshoring?

Here a few reasons on why offshoring could be interesting to you:

  • Technical universities and a large number of software companies which produce willing and highly qualified software developers
  • India has become an established market for software services
  • Modern communication and information technology that has become more efficient and cheaper. Tags: Skype, Online Project Management Tools
  • Convergence of lifestyles. Tags: Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, mobile technologies, americanized education modell (which are on the rise worldwide as well as in India)