An Indian software company with roots in Heidelberg, Germany

Software Developer India was initially founded as a managed offshoring company in Heidelberg, Germany. In this business modell we provided software developers from India, through partner companies situated in India, to small and medium sized IT companies in Europe.


The management team of Software Developer India had to find out after some trials that the delivered software developers were underqualified and the programmed code was of poor quality.

Restart in Kerala, India

Because of the bad experiences the company decided to set up an own software developement facility in India through which we would provide software developers. This would help us to have control over the hiring process and the quality control of the software produced. Since mid of 2012 we are providing IT companies with software developers from India.


The mission of Software Developer India is to provide the best software experts for our clients and become the provider of choice in the field of dedicated IT staffing for them.