Sascha Thattil

Kick-Starter & CEO

After studying business information systems and business studies in Germany and Scotland I worked for several years at SAP as a consultant for companies in the Swiss financial sector.

During my visits to India I found out that in Kerala, India there is a huge pool of qualified software developers. On the other side software developers were desperately needed at that time in Germany. To fulfill this need I founded Software Developer India (part of YUHIRO Technologies Private Limited).

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Phone: +91 984 6861166



Chief Operating Officer

With more than 17 + years of experience in the software industry I am supporting our clients globally with excellent IT services. I make sure that the whole process goes smoothly, from hiring the developers to getting the projects on track.

My expertise and focus are on customer relationship management, process management and requirements analysis.



Tinto Thomas

Business Development & Hiring Manager

I make sure that we hire the right people for the right customer.

Next to my hiring efforts I am also closely involved in business development efforts. The main aim is to provide the right solution for our customers.



Deepak Divakaran

Office & Marketing Manager

One of my responsibilities is that he office is running smoothly.

Apart from that I am providing our existing and potential customers with relevant information about software development services from India.