Agile Development Teams in India: what makes them unique?

Agile Development Teams in India: what makes them unique?


Agile development methodologies are extremely popular among software development teams because of their ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements, foster collaboration among team members, and deliver iterative solutions. Agile methodology makes it possible for the teams to be highly productive, by building continuous builds, through short cycles of operations and testing during each iteration. 

The success of Agile projects depends on the successful coordination between teams and when done correctly this will work perfectly.

The success of Agile development also depends on the close collaboration between the developers and stakeholders. Often software development projects are outsourced to different countries and India has turned out to be a major hub for agile development teams. 

Why India?

Indian remote teams can equip companies with the competitive edge and agility they need to survive and thrive, especially in the face of economic uncertainties. There are plenty of reasons why companies in the US and UK prefer to outsource their work to their Indian counterparts, and often the Indian teams do provide a vital lifeline to making their projects successful. 

Companies have discovered that India is a great destination for software development, mainly agile, and that the teams in India are unique. 

Now, what are the reasons that contribute to this uniqueness? In this article, we will explore the multiple reasons that make the Indian agile teams so special:

Skilled and technically competent

When you hire the right team of agile developers, you have a skilled and technically competent team that will finish the projects quickly. The pool of tech talent is so amazingly high when compared to other countries. They have solid proficiency in both old and new technologies and methodologies. The professionals know a vast number of frameworks. They boast a rich collection of skilled developers in almost all the relevant and core technologies like Python, C/C++, Java script, and PHP. 

Excellent cultural inclusiveness 

India is a potpourri of different cultures, and their openness to other cultures has made them extremely popular among nations. With their rich tapestry of languages, traditions, beliefs, and perspectives, India has been able to communicate effectively with people with different viewpoints and infuse them into their projects. Teams working in India have a unique dynamic that enables them to solve problems and enjoy successful projects. 

Collaborative team culture

India boasts of a very successful collaborative work culture and teamwork. The teams support each other and work with mutual respect, and they even learn from each other. This work culture is really helpful in Agile work development because everyone’s opinions will be considered, there is better team cohesion and team members often motivate each other. The success rate is much higher among Indian teams. Together they have that innate ability to solve problems leading to project success. Distance isn’t a problem when you work with a team from India. They are constantly available online through multiple collaborative tools like Trello, Basecamp, etc. 

The workforce is highly skilled and experienced

There is a huge pool of Indian developers for you to choose from. They have been trained in agile methodologies and are aware of the principles and practices. They constantly upgrade themselves to new technologies and will be able to apply these principles while working, enabling them to work with new concepts and new approaches all the time.

Language proficiency is excellent

Indians have pretty good communication skills, and even if they might not be able to speak like a native English speaker, they understand the requirements of the project brilliantly. Their excellent command of the English language makes it possible for them to contribute to documentation, discussions, and interactions. Since they are good at communication, they can share progress and explain the challenges of the project. They play important roles in stand-up meetings, sprint reviews, and retrospectives and are open to feedback. 

Innovative and works with a global perspective

Businesses who outsource their project to India often remark that the Indian teams are quite innovative, and they can often quickly come up with quirky ideas that change the course of the project in a better direction. They look at things from a global perspective because most Indian teams have already worked with clients from all over the world. They have the experience and know what their clients need, and can accommodate themselves to the changing user patterns as well. They are an asset when you want to expand to newer markets because of the exposure. 

Strong work ethic

Another thing that makes the Indian software development team unique is their strong work ethic. They remain highly motivated right from the beginning till the end and are so dedicated that they often work beyond their work hours to meet deadlines. This work ethic makes them an asset to the team. 


If you are looking for a great team to work on your project that has to be built using agile methodologies, it would be nice to go with an Indian team because it’s the natural way of working for them, since they have the team spirit, work culture, and mutual support. The Indian developers can quickly adapt to the work methodologies even when there is a change in the project. 

After all, the project requirements may change during the course of the project, and the Indian team can easily adapt. Often, project managers worry that the time zones could be a little disadvantageous because India is always halfway across the world. Their work timings usually end when the western work timings begin. But Indian teams have always been very adaptive regarding this, and they adjust their work timings to accommodate the work timings of their clients, 

especially when important meetings and discussions are to be held. And with agile methodology, you know this happens frequently. 

The demand for agile methodology continues to grow and the Indian agile teams are well positioned to make significant contributions to the software development landscape on a global level. They have cemented their place among global teams as one of the most trusted affordable and competitive counterparts for agile projects. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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