How to hire Shopify Developers in India


Planning to have an awesome e-commerce store for your business? That’s a great move, because having an online shop opens up a lot of possibilities for you. For one, you are likely to have more clients than ever. And since there are practically no physical boundaries, anyone in the world can buy your products and services. What you need is to have the right ecommerce platform, and a competent developer team to get this project working. 

In this article, we will be dealing with Shopify developers and how you can hire Shopify developers in India

Why do you need Shopify developers?

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that businesses use today to create responsive websites. With the right mix of talents in your team, you can transform your dream into reality. You can have a full-fledged online shop where people from all over the world can visit, browse and shop. And you need really good Shopify developers to get that dream to work.

Is hiring Shopify developers right for your business?

As explained earlier, there are plenty of e-commerce platforms used by developers worldwide. Many sellers however, prefer to use Shopify as it contains several rich features and functionalities that they need. Shopify is one of the safest, scalable customised eCommerce solutions that suits many business verticals globally. 

Just hiring any Shopify developer might not work, you have to partner with the right agency so you can tap the right market. You need highly skilled and experienced developers who have developed several successful e-commerce platforms. It is obvious that you need to develop a highly intuitive UI (User Interface) and user-friendly UX because users need websites that are highly responsive and interactive. 

You need a team of Shopify developers that can design the online shop according to your specific needs. The developer will install themes, configure third-party apps to improve the functionalities of your apps. They can customise it according to the peculiar nature of your business. They will choose from Liquify theme development standards and mobile first Shopify themes to make the shop professional, responsive, precise and reliable. 

If you are migrating to Shopify

Migrating to Shopify is definitely a good move, and with the right team of developers, you can get your website to the targeted segment and become a successful seller. This can be done better when you outsource your work to countries that offer the best deal, best work and best price. You also need the developer team to make the requisite changes whenever newer technologies come up. So, what we are talking about here is proper maintenance and support. The team should provide excellent service, and monitor consistently to ensure that everything works well and fine, fix bugs, prevent hacks. They would also perform stress testing to understand product behaviour. 

If you have a good website with an impressive reach, and are looking to expand with an online shop and enjoy better SEO traffic, then migrate to Shopify. You can easily transfer all the data without losing any of them. And that includes customers’ orders, items, goods and other data.  Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are just beginning to build a website and your client database, Shopify is still an excellent option to consider. 

The Process – Hire your Shopify developer

Your software development agency would give you different hiring models so you can work around that to ensure the best hiring option. 

The models:

1. Project-basis hiring

Project-based hiring is also called contractual hiring and is one of the most popular hiring methods for startups, mainly. This option is also viable for companies on a budget or have a limited workload. Some companies prefer this because they don’t have to pay for compensations or taxes that usually accompany a software developer’s salary. Especially, when the project is small, and they just need the developer to provide occasional maintenance and support. 

The companies cannot demand that the developer must work only for them, and not handle anyone else’s project. And same goes for timing and schedules. You can set meeting times, and project deadlines, but the flexibility of working days goes to the developer.

2. Full time hiring

Obviously, in full-time hiring, the developer has a 40-hour workweek, i.e working 8 hours a day from Monday through Friday. So you have the developer completely to yourself, and you can insist that the developer finish other projects before he takes on your project. Full-time developers can easily work on complex projects for a variety of industries. The salary for a full-time Shopify developer will, of course, be dependent on the location and experience. This might be different for a singular freelancer as he can make his own quotes. 

3. Part time hiring

In the part-time hiring process, you might get students who love software development, and like to exhibit and implement their skills, and at other times, they might be doing some other job, or learning a course. They will work a few hours everyday, and can design, troubleshoot, test and release mobile applications or systems. 

4. Hourly basis hiring

As the term suggests, the hourly basis hiring project rate would depend on how many hours the developers work, and their hourly rate. The rate would be pre-agreed by both the agency that provides these developers and the company that hires them. The company provides the resources, and would continue to provide whatever the developer requires to complete the work. Since it is almost full-time work, the dedication of the team is required. There is a clear link between the responsibilities assigned and the rate of the developer.


Your software development agency offers all these hiring models, so discuss with them to understand the model that suits you the best. The skill level for developers will be the same for all these hiring models:

  • They should have knowledge of all major programming languages, 
  • Possess analytic and problem solving skills, 
  • Have database knowledge and 
  • Excellent teamwork skills. 

You can also hire Shopify domain experts to help achieve business objectives. If you are looking to start your Ecommerce store with ease, you should partner with the right software development agency so they can choose your team, and once that is done, you can rest assured that the job will be taken care of. 

The development team would be responsible for:

Shopify Ecommerce store setup – Assistance in setting up the store and configuration.

Shopify Integrations – The developers will help grow your website with custom integrations and marketing tools like Emarys and Klaviyo.

Shopify Migrations – If you already have an online shop, and would like to migrate it from that platform to Shopify, the developer team can help you every step of the way.

Shopify Support and Maintenance – Once the shop is set up, you can engage the team to help with ongoing maintenance and support.

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