Dedicated IT Staffing

We have access to a very large pool of Indian software developers. In the selection process we look for coding expertise and the soft skills component. Be it PHP, Mobile App. Net, Java, or C + +. The probability is high that we have the right developer for you.

In dedicated IT staffing your project manager works directly with the Indian software developer. Very fast the dedicated software developer will become a part of your local team. By working closely with you he or she will learn about your products, your business and the way you work. Through hourly reporting via the online project management tool and daily and weekly (scrum) meetings you always know what the software developer contributes to your project and the collaboration will continually improve.

Advantages of Dedicated IT Staffing

  • Scalability of your in-house team
  • No need for additional office space
  • No additional administration or HR related costs
  • Experience in dealing with IT companies, IT agencies and IT departments
  • Great pool of software developers

Whithin the IT staffing process we continually improve our collaboration.

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