ASP.NET Software Development Company in India

We started our operations in Heidelberg, Germany. Nowadays we have moved our operations to Kochi, Kerala, India, where we provide our services to clients from Germany, Europe, USA and the other English-speaking markets.

One focus of our services is providing ASP.NET developers in our premises in India to clients all over the world.


IT departments of large organizations are using this technology to build large scale solutions which are secure. Usually software companies support these IT departments to create these applications.

Especially MVC has become the tool of choice within the ASP.NET framework for programming.

Microsoft provides constant updates, which increase the strength of this framework.

What kind of solutions can be built?

The solutions which can be built are manifold. From simple web applications to complex online platforms, this Microsoft tool can help in many kinds of development endeavors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this technology

A small disadvantages of Microsoft tools is, that a paid licence is needed. Large organizations and IT service providers are willing to pay those fee’s as they are getting powerful tools to work with.

Startups on the other hand tend to use open source technologies such as PHP or Node.JS to build their scalable software solutions.

A huge advantage of ASP.NET is, that the developers are able to the software much faster, as there are a lot of pre-built sets of codes inside the tool. Buttons, forms and other standard features can be easily added by the programmer, without much effort.

If the plan is to build very large scale entreprise applications, we would suggest to go with programming languages like Java or C++.

What are you looking for?

Our clients usually face the following challenges:

  • They want to expand their programmer team, but are not able to find local talent easily.
  • They have a strong budget, but it is not sufficient to sustain the high salaries and costs in Europe/ USA.
  • They had a freelancer who worked on their project, but he/ she suddenly stopped working on it, due to several reasons.
  • They have difficulty competing for good developers with larger organizations for software developers.

How do we work with our clients?

In the beginning, we took IT projects and did the complete software lifecycle, from gathering the requirements, to creating a concept, programming the solution, testing it and deploying it to the live environment.

Oftentimes these projects did not work out properly.

This is because of several reasons:

  • Lack of understanding
  • Changing team members
  • Communication issues
  • Budget constraints

A few years ago we changed our approach on how to work with our clients abroad. Nowadays we hire dedicated developers for our clients, which work from our premises and exclusively work for them.

Since we have implemented this, we were able to increase our success rate. With most of our clients we are working for many years now in this model.

Here an explainer video on how this works:

Who are our clients?

We have different clients. For ASP.NET they are mainly:

  • IT departments of medium sized companies
  • Software companies
  • IT service providers

Especially sought after is MVC within this technology. Apart from ASP.NET MVC, we also provide services for Webforms.

Why India?

The IT journey of the sub-continent has started many years back. In the beginning, it was more focused on simple kind of programming and support tasks.

Nowadays it is possible to get access to very strong programmers and software architects which have gained experience building some of the most successful applications.

There is a shift from simple to complex in India, when it comes to IT services.

China has become the manufacturing hub of the world and India has similarly become the IT hub of the world.

Our story

We started our operations as a one man show in Heidelberg, Germany in 2012. The focus was on buying IT services from India and providing them to companies in Germany.

Soon the founder, Sascha Thattil, realized that the services provided were of low quality.

The next step was to open an office in India. As the found of the company had an Indian background, it was easy to do so, as commercial property and the necessary Indian residency permit was available.

Still the services provided, which were accessed from third party vendors, was not satisfying. Oftentimes there was a lack in transparency or the companies were just not being honest about their skillset or who would be working on the specific project.

Things changed when we from (YUHIRO Technologies Private Limted) started to hire our own developers. Since then we are providing 100 % transparency, insist on integrity and honesty on all sides and giving direct access to the developers.

One success factor is also, that we have the requirement, that our client should have a technology expert on their side, who can oversee the software development process. He/ she can have a look into the code from time to time and check, whether the provided results are up to expectation.

As mentioned before, with some of our ASP.NET clients we are working since many years now.

Save office space, payroll administration, hiring, internet and other expenses

In our model, the developers will be working out of our premises in Kochi, Kerala, India. All the tedious tasks, like hiring, payroll administration, office space, hiring and other expenses can be saved. We will be taking care of these things.

You can thus focus on working with the programmer on quality software services and products.

How much can you save in cost?

The salaries and other expenses are lower in South Asia. These savings we are able to pass on to our clients. You thus expect to save around 30 to 40 percent of what you would be paying to a local full time IT specialist.

But keep in mind: Our clients are usually working with us, not only to save money, but also to get access to qualified developers who can support their local teams on a long-term basis. Most of our clients have their own onsite teams on which they rely.

Summary of the advantages of working with us:

  • Reduce the need for office space: The developer will be working in our premises.
  • Reduce overhead expenses: Attendance checking, payroll administration, tax calculation, etc., will taken care of by us.
  • Reduce additional infrastructure cost: Computer systems, firewall, etc. are provided by us.
  • Get access to an additional labor pool: We only know to well, how tough it sometimes can be to find the right talent. By employing us, you will have access to the labor pool in India. We are not hiring in our region only, but from all over India if needed.
  • Integrity and honesty: It is very important for us to work out of the highest integrity and honesty. Only by doing so we can ensure long term relationships, which brings value to all sides.

How to contact us?

There are several ways to contact us. Here an overview:

Landing page with all information, which also has a contact form

Contact page

Send us an Email to

Or contact our CEO directly at

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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