Time difference between India and USA: How to manage it in software development teams

Time difference between India and USA: How to manage it in software development teams

Time zone differences are among software development teams’ most significant challenges. The development process and the project’s overall performance will suffer if a team is not managed strategically and efficiently while collaborating with teams in different time zones. Additionally, it will cause misunderstandings, pushed-back delivery dates, and missed deadlines. 

The time difference between India and the USA is approximately 12 hours, although there are several other time zones too. Given that India has a sizable market in the USA, the team should be able to manage it effectively. So, here is a guide to help you manage software development teams in different time zones.

Managing software development teams in different time zones

The time zone difference can have many positive and negative aspects for the software development teams. On the one hand, globally distributed software development is extremely productive. Still, on the other hand, outsourced work relationships can be difficult to manage. Check out the article to learn more about managing the time difference between India and the USA.

  • Constant communication 
  • Be mindful of the time zone
  • Take extra care in the hiring process
  • Adopt agile practices
  • Get the right management tools

1. Constant communication 

Communication between the clients and the team is important to keep in mind. It can clear up most of the miscommunications and waste of resources that may occur during the process. Plan team calls to coincide with each member’s local time. You could easily find an hour during the day to have a quick call with your offshore development team, wherever they may be.

2. Be mindful of the time zone

It means being considerate and aware of the time zone difference between you and your outsourced development team. Consider scheduling meetings and calls when they are comfortable and available, or inform them beforehand so they can be ready on time. 

In the case of India and the USA, you know that the difference is about 12 hours, as mentioned before. So the meetings or calls are typically scheduled in India early in the morning or late at night due to the time zone difference. 

3. Take extra care in the hiring process

Hire an offshore team of developers who can deliver excellent performance without being micromanaged and who can operate with little guidance. You made the wrong hiring decisions if they are unable to handle them. 

Given the time zone difference and the additional assistance required, launching your software will take a long time. That is why it is critical to hire an experienced, dedicated offshore development team that is dependable, self-motivated, and capable of managing their tasks efficiently.

4. Adopt agile practices

It refers to establishing or implementing time zone rules for the team to adhere to, which will boost performance and productivity, improve project visibility, and guarantee that everyone on the team is on the same page. 

Using tools like Trello, team members can effectively manage the tasks given to them. They can schedule meetings like daily scrum calls and other crucial planning so that everyone on the team knows what needs to be done. 

5. Get the right management tools

Without the right management tools, it will be difficult to schedule meetings/calls, coordinate with other team members, and manage other issues in the team. Therefore, using effective time zone management tools is the best course of action to handle the time zone difference. They’d be very useful for keeping track of local time in the areas where your offshore development team is based. It will allow you to plan and schedule meetings more easily.

Pros of hiring an offshore development team

Now that we have discussed the five ways of managing an offshore development team, we will move on to the benefits of hiring such a team. One of the major reasons most people prefer hiring a team from a different time zone is the cost savings. Let’s discuss the other benefits in this section.

  • Savings on the investment
  • Focus entirely on the area of expertise
  • Access to cutting-edge technology
  • Availability of a global talent pool
  • Reduced liabilities

1. Savings on the investment

As said, you can save money with an offshore software development team. It will be more cost-friendly than setting up a new in-house team. It can vary depending on the country in which your offshore team is located. If you think of offshoring it to India, that will be a good option, even though no specific amount can be guaranteed. It is one of the popular offshoring destinations for software development. 

2. Focus entirely on the area of expertise

When businesses spend time and money on software development projects, which take time and focus, they frequently lose sight of their core competencies. They seek offshore software development teams to share technical job responsibilities with offshore developers while remaining focused on their core business.

3. Access to cutting-edge technology

Offshore development teams will provide you access to cutting-edge technologies that local teams will not have. Teams committed to offshore development spend more time learning new technologies and expanding their knowledge base.

4. Availability of a global talent pool

Another benefit is being open to a global talent pool you can work with. You will hire a software development team with specialised skills and expertise in advanced technologies. They will be able to bring in new ideas with their industry knowledge. You can choose according to your project’s requirements.

5. Reduced liabilities

One of the biggest benefits of working with a dedicated offshore development centre is that you are not required to give them a desk or other office supplies. The offshore team is equipped with everything it needs, no matter where it is.

So you may think managing an offshore team is a challenging task, but it is not as impossible as you think. It will be possible if you have clarity on the time zone differences, their requirements, expectations, and goals, along with the ability to communicate properly. By following these tips, you will be able to ensure an efficient development and delivery process for your project.

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