C# Developers: how to find the right one?


C# programming language is one of the most universal programming languages around as it is suitable for all kinds of web development projects, including mobile gaming and mobile development. It is a great choice for developing apps with security and performance.

Here is a short brief on C#:

C# is one of the most popular languages in the world, in fact, the 5th most relevant language. The solidity in the usage of the programming language has been stemming from the fact that it has been in consistent use for 2 decades. Microsoft and the entire .NET framework community has played an important role in the success of this programming language and hence has been used widely in building desktop applications, games applications using Unity engine, mobile applications for Windows, iOS, and Windows Phone platform.  The popularity of Java is that it can be used for all kinds of web and mobile development projects, something that the other programming languages might not be able to do. For example, Java is more suitable for mobile application development. 

Hiring C# developers

Hiring C# developer would always be a great asset because you can always get their help for short-term and long-term projects. They are perfect for projects with modest requirements or complex ones. There are plenty of C# developers but it is important to know how to find the right one because, with the right people on the team, you can have a great working relationship. 

In the next section, we will be talking about tips on hiring developers:

Finding the right C# developer for your team

1. Understand the project requirements

If you are looking to hire a developer according to project requirements and then disperse the team after doing so,  you can easily do that by partnering with a software development company because they would be able to give you developers of different skills and talents. 

Depending on your need, you can hire a dedicated C# developer or freelance developer. Determine your company’s growth requirements, and what kind of app development projects you will be running over the years, and then you will have an idea of the skill sets and experience you need for the developer. The right software development company would be able to provide you with the exact skills needed. Just name your requirement, and they can even advise on the technologies and frameworks if you are not familiar with them, or if you are not sure of what to use for your project.

2. Understanding the job’s requirement

When you are sure of the skills and technologies you need for the project, you can have a chat with the software development companies, and they would help provide an insight into the skill level you need for the project. If you already have experience in hiring and delegating tasks, then you can write a nice job description to help hire the right people. Some developers prefer to call themselves .NET developers, so it is important to prepare a detailed job description to help understand the requirements (for the candidates) better. 

3. Candidates that really do fit the profile

While scouring for candidates in different places, it is important to ensure that the talents match the requirements. You will find plenty of developers outside your network if you widen the base, so it is imperative that you do not settle for developers who are just ‘affordable’. Some developers keep on working around their known technologies and do not update themselves. That would not be a good choice, especially if you intend to scale your app from time to time. You need developers who can understand and work with the latest technologies and apply them practically. 

4. Willing to exhibit their skills

The candidate must be willing to explain the skills they possess, and the technologies they are familiar with, and be even ready to demonstrate them if needed. Even though you are hiring a developer from a reputed outsourcing company, the developer must be able to demonstrate their practical skills. That way you can be assured of their knowledge, and thus, make a good choice while hiring. 

Some places where you can find promising C# candidates

You can hire talented developers from anywhere you like. The easiest would be to entrust the task to an outsourcing agency, and they would assign a team of developers fittings your needs. If you prefer to source candidates yourself, there are some places that you can try:

Github – You can find a huge number of developers at Github, one of the top online communities for talented developers.

Stack Overflow – Just like Github, you will find a huge number of programmers from across the globe, discussing their jobs, answering doubts, asking questions, etc. Just by watching the forum, you will have an idea of the talented developers. 

Reddit – There are Reddit pages dedicated to recruitment and hiring developers, you can focus on those.

Quora – This is also a great forum for meeting developers. They will post answers to queries, and judging by their answers you will be able to judge their competency levels, and their knowledge. 

Blogs – Some developers have their own websites and blogs, and through that, you will be able to gauge their experience level, the tools and technologies they know, and how they would benefit your project. 

While browsing through the freelance job boards and sites, you can apply the relevant filter tools to zone in on the right skills and tools that you need for the developer. You can filter them according to their price range, knowledge, years of experience, availability, and so on. You can post the jobs, and from the submissions from the various developers you can choose the one that fits best.

Skills you can look out for while hiring C# developers

Since you are likely to be swimming in a pool of talented C# developers, keep a strong eye out for the people who will fit your job profile by assessing their knowledge and skills:

1. Proficiency and understanding of C#

This might feel redundant, but still, it is important to hire a developer who knows the language deep inside. This way they will be able to make the most out of the language and give you the best.

2. Understand of OOP

The potential C# developers must be very familiar with OOP or Object Oriented Processes, and the concept of objects. 

3. Knowledge of various design and architectural patterns

Since both design and architectural patterns are associated with code-level commonalities, the developer must be very familiar with that too. With design patterns, the developer will be able to apply medium-scale strategies to solve common design problems. And use architectural patterns to work with the large-scale components and mechanisms of the system. 

4. Familiar with using .NET and Mono framework

Familiarity with both Mono and .NET frameworks will enable the developer to create well-functioning, cross-platform applications that can be deployed seamlessly across various platforms. 


So, there you go. These are some of the best tips on hiring the ideal C# developer for your team. If you find going through the job boards and then analysing the skills and knowledge a time-consuming process, you can always partner with the best software development companies to do the legwork for you.

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