Why network security is important for software companies

Network security is extremely important for every computer that uses the internet. What is life-blood to humans is what network security is to businesses and IT professionals. To define network security, you can say that it is any activity undertaken to protect the safety of your network. The main aim is to keep off threats and stop them from wreaking havoc in your computer systems. Threat to network security could come in any form

  • Identity theft
  • Hackers
  • Spyware and adware
  • Viruses and worms
  • Trojan horses
  • Denial of services attacks
  • Data theft
  • Data interception

So securing the data in your network is as important as running your business because once the data security is lost, there is no point in having a business. All your confidential data, accounts, passwords, financial details would be presented before prying eyes.

Network security has become so important in business processes because the internet architecture is not without loopholes. There are many points through which a hacker can enter, as it is almost like an open network. Knowing what kind of attacks can occur in your business and preventing them taking place is the only way to keep your data safe.

While determining the network security plan for your company, you must have an understanding of the various security issues that happen from time to time, the potential attackers that are in the game, the level of security your company needs to take and what all loopholes your security infrastructure has within itself. Once you are aware of the loopholes, it would be easy to watch over them so further problems can be prevented. The different products in the market to increase the protection of your computers and security systems are as follows

  • Firewalls
  • Security management
  • Intrusion-detection
  • Encryption
  • Authentication mechanism

Next, have a look at what are all features can be included to increase the security of your network:


In which only the authored personnel are able to access the critical information. Only those people would be able to communicate though that network


A number of people might use a particular network, so there must be sufficient authentication methods that would prove that the users who are using this network are able to prove who they say they are.


The users of networks submit a variety of critical information in order to send and receive information. The information thus imparted should be kept in confidentiality, and not used for other purposes.

The exact message is retained

Another function of security networks would be to narrate the message in the exact way it was meant to be. The message should not be modified in anyway while in transit.

What businesses can do to increase security?

Most businesses have recognized the importance of network security and have invested in those. Here are some of them:

Upgrading to business class

Small to medium scale business (SMBs) have upgraded to business class routers because they offer a better and more robust furniture when compared to commercial routers. Apart from having additional anti-spam/anti-virus/antispyware protection, these routers provide features like VPN network, guest internet access and facility for several broadband ISP. With VPN network, you can access your network from anywhere in the world; with guest internet access, your guests can have access to the internet without them getting any access of your internal network; and the advantage of multiple broadband ISP is that you have back up when one ISP fails.

Having the latest security plan

Companies that upgrade their security plan to accommodate the latest trends would be able to contain hacks and fraudulent activities to a certain limit. Those who don’t upgrade may often have to face serious repercussions. Hackers are really smart and ambitious and that is a tough combination when you have a faulty security network. According to a report by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and digital security firm Symantec, about 83% of the SMBs live under a sense of false internet security and 69% of the businesses do not even have any sort of security. This shows how serious it is to bring awareness about the importance of network security to businesses. While many of the small businesses are aware of the importance of having a safe and trusted network, they are still unprepared to handle them.

Knowing what has to be protected

SMBs always live in the mortal fear of fraudulent financial transactions. A couple of serious fraudulent financial transactions, and they could be ruined forever. So knowing what to protect is so important and where to do it. If you run an SMB, have you any idea where the information critical to your business is being used and who all have access to such information. Passwords are still the most basic way of protecting your network. Your passwords should be such that they should not breached by humans and computers.

Deleting and removing inactive accounts

Accounts of former employees and previous contractors must be removed as soon as possible. It is through these accounts that hacks are conducted. There are softwares that would help with this.

Finally Remembering the fundamentals

There are some fundamental rules that you should follow like, for example, maintaining a list of authorized software and downloading only those. You must keep a watch on anyone who might download and use softwares that may turn out to be dangerous. Or if you have extremely critical data, then segregate them in such a manner that only people with authentication can use them.

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