Why the IT job market is currently so strong?

The IT job market in the country is pretty strong currently. It was also looking good in the year 2014 and will continue to look positive this year as well. Large corporations are conducting IT based recruitments in full swing and are streamlining their strategies to incorporate good hiring practices. The other reason why the Indian market is so strong is because the pay scale has been raised, thereby attracting the cream of talent from all sectors of the IT industry, and companies have gone on an aggressive mode to hire highly talented people.
In case you are a job seeker or an employer, then reading this article on why the IT job market is pretty strong would help you make better decisions while applying for a change of job or hiring.

Leveraging the potential offered by social professional networks

As you have observed, information technology is now used in every aspect of business and life. This makes IT a very strong field. If you have talent, you will definitely get hired in your chosen stream. Social professional networks like LinkedIn have been a major platform for hiring probable candidates. In fact it has turned out to be the number one resource for helping with quality hires. In fact, these social networks have become the most popular resource for hiring IT professionals (after online job boards, of course). So if you are leveraging the potential offered by these networks, you can hire talented people for your organization.

Information technology is used in education

IT began to redefine the entire concept of teaching and learning, once IT was introduced in schools and universities. Thanks to technology, teachers can provide better education to their students, track their performance and conduct online tests to gauge their skills with the help of the advancements made in IT. Additionally, students can explore new possibilities of learning and they have the added advantage of exposure, something that was denied to the previous generation. They have access to information and better job opportunities. Students can enroll in online courses to further enhance their skills to better their job prospects. With online learning, students have the flexibility to choose courses according to their convenience and this would in turn, increase chances of successful learning.

Information technology is used in business

IT plays an important role in businesses as well. As IT is very important in businesses, it strengthens the job market because there is always a demand for talented IT professionals. Several businesses run on computers and they need someone to administer the network and security tools. With the innovations made in IT, it is possible to work remotely, and that in turn saves a lot of money for companies because they do not have to hire permanent staff to get work done. Thanks to the developments made in IT, communication is easy. You can communicate to anyone anywhere in the world and get a response within seconds. IT has been helping businesses that conduct their entire business through online portals. (What is mentioned here about IT in business is nothing and we have not even scraped the beginning of how IT can help in business. This is just to give you an idea of the immense potential offered by IT in running business processes).

Information technology is used in tourism industry

IT plays a significant role in the tourism industry. The tourism industry has been able to serve its customers in a better way and making their travel easier by providing detailed itineraries and plans. If IT was not there, this would not have been possible. A number of high tech communication tools are used in the tourism industry and these are used for tourism product development, training of personnel and marketing. The three main aspects in the tourism industry are: Attraction, Transport and Accommodation. IT has helped in all these aspects, especially in India, where tourism is the third most important sector.

Information technology is used in health care

Thanks to IT, health care workers can share and discuss information about patients, enabling better care and attention, irrespective of their condition. This improves the quality of health care provided to them, sometimes saving lives in the process. Even patients can access their health information and seek medical help from doctors located at the other end of the globe. Online and electronic prescriptions are then sent to patients, who make their medicine purchase online. This is actually a good thing, because it saves time and of course, paper in the long run. Cutting edge procedures and expensive infrastructure are all possible with IT, aiding in both medical care and administration.

Who has the greatest demand in the IT industry?

The following is a list of positions that are in great demand in the IT job industry:

  • Web developers having .net, java, ruby and Python skills
  • Mobile developers having iOS and Android development skills
  • Talented data handlers who can transform big data into actionable insights
  • Security and quality assurance professionals
  • Project managers and business analysts
  • Development operations
  • Technical support
  • Embedded systems development

The list is in the priority order.
As IT is used in all the major sectors of business, there is demand for talented people. This makes the IT job market very strong. As more and more businesses are converting into IT, they all need people who are capable of using and working with IT.

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